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Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Orobas Fjords - Side missions DIIED Guide

Red Ore Alert

Received from: Crabbe M5(1)

You have to clear the mine M5(M5.7) of imps, so that the miners can return to work. After completing the task return to Crabbe.

Prize: 1 additional option.

Grave Robbers

Received from: Arthur M5.5(2) / Laura M5(4)

Your task is to find four searchers scattered thorough the whole region:

Jimmy Dean M5(12);

Jack Bolton M5(11);

Laura M5(4);

Arthur Gremory M5.5(2).

They were searching for a cave with a precious treasure in it. After finding all four of them go to the entrance M5(M5.6) and talk to Laura about assembling the key. Once you reach the treasure, your companion will find a note saying that there is in fact no treasure at all. Once the quest ends, pull the three levers M5.6(1) in the cave. Some platforms will show up, go to the very top by jumping from one to another to get the chest with the treasure inside.

Prize: 1 additional option.

Sight For Sore Eyes

Received from: Simeon M5(4)

A blind philosopher asked you to find two malachites, thanks to which he will be able to restore his eyesight. You can find those very rare crystals in one of the caves M5(M5.14). To get into it, you have to accept The Horror of High Hall M5(15) or Delicate Affairs quest M4(Radcliff), for which you will receive the needed stones. Return to the blind man and give him them.

Prize: 7500 experience points, 1 additional option.

Stood Up

Received from: Crabbe M5(1)

A zeppelin was meant to fly for the man, but it still hasn't arrived. Head to the harbour, where you will find the person responsible for the zeppelins - Zeppelin Master Page M5(13). The zeppelin needs to be repaired before taking off. Complete the On the Road Again quest M5(13). Eventually Crabbe will be in the port, go to him to claim your reward.

Prize: 2000 gold, 1 additional option.

Down the Hatch

Received from: Jedediah M5(10)

One of the knights has been imprisoned and you will be asked to save him. Firstly you have to obtain Chalice of the Dragon and a plant called Drudanae.

Chalice of the Dragon

The artifact is in Tilian's possession M5(14).

1. You can take the artifact by force, by informing that you want to free Orobas - everyone in sight will attack you. You will find the key opening the Chalice Chest.

2. You can say that you want it for yourself and offer Arben's sword in return. You will receive the key opening the Chelice chest.

Prize: 4500 experience points, 480 gold, 1 additional option.

A Puff of Drudanae

The plant you need to get is banned, so getting it might be quite troublesome. You will receive a hint to head to the High Hall in the north M5(15).

1. You can buy the plant from a man named Nicolas, for 3750 gold.

2. You can steal the plant from the garden in his basement.

Prize: 4500 experience points, 480 gold, 1 additional option.

Afterwards return to Jedediah to perform the ritual of opening M5(M5.15). Inside you will find a dragon skeleton, Orobas has died. Nearby you will find chest S1 which will open after you correctly answer three questions. Exit the crypt and tell Jedediah the sad news.

Prize: 1 additional option.

Thorn in the Side

Received from: Tilian M5(14)

The commander will ask you to kill Saul, who currently is in prison for murdering one of the slayers. In order to get to the prison, you have to pass the guard: you can bribe him, challenge to a fight or intimidate him (read his mind and you will get to know about his dirty deeds). Eventually the door will be opened. Use the teleport to get into the prison. Pick up the key lying on the bench and open Saul's cage. Kill the bastard and return to Tilian.

Prize: 6000 experience points, 560 gold, 1 additional option.

Between Troll and a Hard Place

Received from: Brutus M5(13)

Your task is to check what happened with a patrol sent to defeat a troll roaming in the High Hall area M5(15). Head to the spot, you will begin a conversation and automatically accept The Runes of Wrath quest M5(15). After completing it, return to Brutus.

Prize: 4500 experience points, 480 gold, 2 additional options.

The Runes of Wrath

Received from: Quintus M5(15)

During the conversation some trolls will attack the village. Help the soldiers deal with the monsters. Your task is to force the mage hiding in the mine - Mundus - to stop sending trolls on the village. Two soldiers will go with you as backup. Head to the mine M5(M5.9). Go left on the intersection, you will reach a magical barrier M5.9(1), with Mundus behind it. Also be sure to take the two Magical Runes which one of the trolls will drop. You have to find another way. Head left to go round the whole mine and approach the mage from behind. You will find yourself in front of another barrier, but this time use the rune you have found on the platform to open the passage. Go to the elevator M5.9(2) and ride it up. Talk to the mage M5.9(3).

1. You can kill Mundus.

Prize: 4500 experience points, 480 gold, 1 additional option.

2. You can convince him to stop attacking the village, however you will have to do something that will allow him to peacefully sit in his mine and never see another person from the village. Your task is to find a rune which will allow to make food. The Chicken Rune can be found in the cave beneath the waterfall M5.2(2).

Prize: 6750 experience points, 720 gold, 1 additional option.

A Hunting We Shall go Again

Received from: Sejanus M5(13)

Your task is to localize and eliminate a few enemies. As proof of defeating them you have to bring and show Sejanus an appropriate item. You will receive a prize for every enemy killed.

Barnabus: location: M5.3(x), proof: Barnabus' Ring

Ragon: location: M5.4(2), proof: Ragon's Ring

Alutiiq: location: M5.7(2), proof: Alutiiq's Mask

Moor: location: M5(16), proof: Moor's Ledger

Alrik: location: M5(17), proof: Alrik's Necklace

Prize: 1 additional option.

You will receive an additional prize for dealing with everyone from the list.

Prize: 4500 experience points, 520 gold, Tiberius' Bow, 2 additional options.

A Shaman's Ransom

Received from: Aurelius M5(13)

Your task is to eliminate the leader of a local gang called Red Hammer, who's a goblin shaman named Svadilfarier. Head in the direction of the cave M5(M5.13). You won't be able to reach your destination because of the barriers. Destroy all of the generators to shut it down. You can also get rid of the ballistas and nests so that they won't cause you any trouble in the future. After entering the cave, head to the shaman M5.13(1).

1. You can try diplomacy, thanks to which you will receive the Death of a Champion quest M5.13(2).

2. You can kill the giant goblin and give his head to Aurelius. During the fight your enemy will run away - leave the cave and finish him outside, this time in your dragon form.

Prize: 6000 experience points, 2000 gold, 1 additional option.

On The Road Again

Received from: Zepellin Master Page M5(13)

You have to collect the parts needed to start the Zeppelin, there are nine of them in total. You will find them scattered thorough the whole land M5(S). If a barrier is still blocking you, destroy all the generators, ballistas and nests.

Prize: 6000 experience points, 560 gold, 1 additional option.

Death of a Champion

Received from: Svadilfarie M5.13(2)

A goblin-shaman will ask you to kill one of the champions - Aurelius M5(13). You will receive a faked, poisoned head of the goblin, so that the Champion will think that you have completed A Shaman's Ransom quest M5(13). Once he touches the trophy he will be poisoned and in effect die. Return to the goblin. As you're no longer needed, he will attack you. During the fight your enemy will run away - leave the cave and finish him outside, this time in your dragon form.

Prize: 1 additional option.

Much Ado About Goblins

Received from: Groth M5.13(3)

Groth want you to find a man who knows the goblin language so that he can write down their history. Someone fitting those requirements is Gwyn M5(15), who thinks of himself as a goblin. Offer him to go to the goblin cave and afterwards go there yourself to collect the prize.

Prize: 3000 experience points, 300 gold, 1 additional option.

Divine Descendant

Received from: Gobie / Eamon / Mona M5(15)

A poor peasant complains about ghosts haunting his house. Two lying pretenders: Eamon and Mona are offering to take care of the problem for a small charge.

1. Offer to pay for the ritual (1000 gold).

Prize: 1 additional option.

2. You can offer your help in getting rid of the ghost. The other pretenders will run away and the ghost will turn out to be a normal person who changed its appearance using magic. He will run away after a while, so go back to the farmer.

Prize: 4500 experience points, 480 gold, 1 additional option.

3. You can demand half of the sum the peasant offers in return for keeping quiet and not revealing the fraud.

Prize: 4500 experience points, 960 gold, 1 additional option.

4. You can summon the ghost, after which Eamon will run away.

Prize: 1 additional option.

The Horror of High Hall

Received from: Beatrice M5(15)

A young woman will ask you for help in repairing a well that has been dry for several days. After reading her mind you will find out what really awaits you. Head to the other side of the village and enter the cave by the well. Go forward all the time, down the stairs. Once you get to the lava, turn right. You will come across one of the demons, Kezzz M5.14(1). However he will disappear after a while. Take the key K1 from the desk and go back. Go straight now, you will get to an elevator M5.14(2), use it to get to the lower level. You will arrive at a closed passage D1, open it using the newly gained key. Inside you will find a chest and in it a lever. Return to the elevator M5.14(2) and put the missing lever into the slot - go to the lower level. You will once again meet Kezzz, who this time will attack you. Go left and you will finally reach Zagan M5.14(3). After the initial conversation you will change into a dragon - kill the bastard. Once he's down the passage you used to get here will get buried. You will have to have some wyverns, destroy their nest so they don't respawn. Afterwards fly upwards and use the teleport to return to the village. Collect your prize from Beatrice.

Prize: 4500 experience points, 480 gold, 2 malachites, 1 additional option.

A Guild without a Master

Received from: Williams M5.1(1)

In return for fighting off Damian's forces from the mine, Williams offers you the key to the hidden passage M5.1(M5.20) - because the main passage has been blocked. Take the stairs down the tower and eliminate any Black Ring troops on your way. After killing everyone the Champion will join you and you'll receive a reward your help.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 320 gold, 1 additional option.

Mysterious Cave

Received from: Bellegar M5(10)

The cave is a choice test, in which you will have to choose one of two options during a three-step journey. Your good and bad decisions will determine at which exit you end up. Each ending has a prize. If you choose a completely good/bad path, you will be able to choose one weapon from the stand in addition to the standard prize. Green marks the good path/choice and red the bad.



1. Save the woman and fight off the man;

2. Let the woman get robbed.


1. Persuade the woman to send her husband to war;

2. Give the man a stats point.


1. Use the key to open the cage;

2. Use the key to open the chest.


1. Leave the man alone;

2. Give the man a health and resistance point.


1. Draw the guard's attention so that the man can escape;

2. Suggest a torture method.


1. Use the lever on the left and set the peasant on fire;

2. Use the lever on the right and set the peasants free.

Close to the Bone

Received from: Valanir M5.28(1)

While being in Orobas Fjords head to one of Damian's Flying Fortresses M5(5.27). Destroy all the generators M5.27(G) to turn off the barrier. You can clear out the whole fortress or head to the teleport M5.27(M5.28), which will lead you straight to Keara's headquarters. You will decide to help her husband's ghost which wants to leave the fortress. In order to do this, you have to solve a small riddle - talk to five statues which you can find thorough the location and then name them properly. Each statue can give you some hints. (L - left statue; P - right statue; while looking at the portal)


2. Mayhem is not in the same room as Havoc; Devastation is in the same room as Chaos.

3L. I'm neither Chaos nor Havoc; Chaos is not in my room or Waste's.

3P. I'm in the same room as Waste; I'm neither Mayhem nor Waste.

4L. I'm Devastation or Chaos; Waste is in the same room as Mayhem.

4P. Mayhem is alone in his room; Havoc is in this room.

Proper names:

2. Devastation

3L. Havoc

3P. Mayhem

4L. Waste

4P. Chaos

Use the teleport to get to the door M5.28(5). If all your answers are correct, the gate will open. You will play a mediator between Keara and the ghost. Your decision will determine if the ghost leaves the fortress.

Prize: 7500 experience points, 600 gold, 1 additional option.

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