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Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Broken Valley - Side quests DIIED Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Band of Brutes

Received from: Tim / Bermaid Elsa M2.1(7)

You will be asked to deal with some guards who are scaring the tavern's customers. Approach the Seekers sitting by the table and try to talk some sense into them. It turns out that brute force is the only thing that will work here, but Louis will show as you draw your sword. He will send the drunken soldiers back to the barracks. You can now get the prize from Tim. Additionally you will get a discount. New people will appear in the tavern

Prize: 113 experience points, 80 gold, 1 additional option.

For a Pound of Flesh

Received from: Locke M2.1(7)

One of the guards, Keane M2.1(2) was obligated to deliver rabbits to the shop keeper. Unfortunately he hasn't delivered them to this day. If you decide to let the guard free, the mission will end with a failure. Push him a little and he will give you Keane's Wallet. Take it back to the tavern and return it to Lock M2.1(7). Apart from the discount, you can also choose gold or experience points as an additional prize.

Prize: 1 option to choose from.

The Greater Hunter

Received from: Brave Sir Robin M2.1(7)

An arrogant hunter boasts about hunting down a huge boar. Your task is to find and kill a creature big enough to show Robin who's the real hunter around here. Set off and look for Bellegar M2(7), you can find him in various places. Once he summons a demon, you have to kill it, take the Demon Claw and show your trophy to Robin in the tavern.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 320 gold, magical gloves, 1 additional option.

Lovis' Loot

Received from: Romon M2.1(4)

The Priest asks you to investigate the tower in the middle part of the valley M2(2), maybe there still are some magical artifacts there. A mysterious item - Lovis' Scrying Stone, can be found on the top. During the mission To Lay a Ghost to Rest M2(1) once you go through the gate (you'll open it by solving a simple puzzle), choose the path leading left. Once one the top, you will encounter a skeleton-trader. Go to the burning room and push the lever on the wall. The stone you're searching for will appear in the middle. Take the item to the priest. If you take a closer look at the item, you will be taken to tower's dungeon, where you will have to face several enemies. Activate all the pedestals and some platforms will appear - after getting to the top and pushing the lever, you will be able to take one of the four weapons.

Prize: 1350 experience points, 240 gold, 1 additional option.

Saving the Bacon

Received from: Folo M2.1(5)

The villager wants to save his three pigs, which were taken and are to be turned into food. There are two possibilities in this quest.

1. You can help the poor villager. He will tell you to whisper something to the pig named Kevin. Head to Jackson's farm, you will be stopped by three guards. You have two options of taking care of them - you can use force and fight all three at once, or you can send them to Rhode. That way you will buy yourself some time and you will be able to save the pigs without having to fight. Return to Folo M2.1(5) to receive the prize.

2. If you refuse to help, head to Louis M2.1(1) and tell him about Folo's attempt to save the pigs and your refusal. In return you will receive a prize.

Prize: 450 experience points, 160 gold, 1 additional option.

Buad Blood

Received from: Upton (Buad) M2.1(10)

To be able to take this quest, you must first read the miller's thoughts, find the key to his basement and talk to the tree which you will find there. The assassins want to catch Upton. Talk to Linda - she will give you the names of three people who she suspects. Talk to each of them. Rose (Folo's wife) can be found in the house M2.1(5), Romon is by the chapel M2.1(4) and captain Rodney in the barracks M2.1(1). You will learn of their probable hideout, head to the ruined chapel M2.1(2.4). There you will encounter Jesse. You will have to kill him either way. Return to the mill, Antumbra will also be there.

1. You can kill her, saving the miller and his daughter.

Prize: 450 experience points, 160 gold, 1 additional option.

2. If you choose to help the bandit, you will kill the miller.

Prize: 450 experience points, 1 additional option.


Received from: Richard M2.1(8)

The paladin will pay you for each goblin heart you bring him. Get out of the camp and go along the path - you will encounter lots of goblins on your way. Some of them will drop the hearts. The quest renews itself after giving the hearts to Richard.

Prize: 50 experience points, 50 gold.

A Private Delivery

Received from: Dana M2.1(14)

The young lady will ask you to deliver a letter to Derk, the blacksmith M2.1(6). In return the blacksmith will give you a discount on his products. You can also read the letter and give it to the husband, who you will find in a prison cell in the barracks M2.1(1).

Prize: 450 experience points, 160 gold, 1 additional option.

Feast or Famine

Received from: Richard M2.1(8)

The food which is meant for Rivertown could be useful in Aleroth. Head to the farm and talk with Lomax M2.1(14) about changing the destination point. You can solve this problem in two ways.

1. Without shedding blood, by bribing the guards with 100 gold.

2. Fight with the three guards and take the food by force.

After choosing one of the above, go to Mouse M2.1(15) and tell him that the package can be taken. In the end return to Richard and tell him about completing the task.

Prize: 450 experience points, 160 gold, 1 additional option.

Skeletons in the Closet

Received from: Jackson's Diary found in his basement (check out Secrets)

After reading the diary, you will learn that Carl has killed Dana's ex-boyfriend. You can solve this quest in two ways.

1. Head to captain Rodney M2.1(1), who you will find in the barracks. You will be rewarded with experience points and the farmer will be arrested for murder.

2. Speak yourself with the farm owner, Carl M2.1(14). You can hand over the diary or force him to pay you for staying quiet. However if you will say that you'll go to the captain, you will get attacked and receive half of the experience points!

Prize: 450 experience points, (alternatively 160 gold) 1 additional option.

High and Dry

Received from: Quincy M2.1(13)

A poor man has been surrounded by a group of goblins and his companion ran away, leaving him behind. Deal with the enemies and help the man by throwing him the line, which you will find by one of the goblin corpses. Head to the observation platform located on the barracks, there you will find Quincy's companion - Peavey M2.1(1). After a short conversation Rodney will show up and the coward will be punished.

Prize: 450 experience points, 160 gold, 1 additional option.

A Hunting We Shall Go

Received from: Captain Rodney M2.1(1)

Your task is to find and neutralize a couple of foes. To prove they're dead, you have to bring their items to the captain. You get a reward for every person you kill, more and more as you progress. You'll get an additional prize for eliminating everyone from the list.

Hjalmar: location: M2.1(16), proof: Hjalmar Mask

Hallorn: location: M2.8(1), proof: Hallorn's Ring

Yup'ik: location: M2(15), proof: Yup'ik's Staff

Viper: location: M2(13), proof: Viper's Sword

Jagon: location: M2.9(6) / M2.10(1), proof: Jagon's Necklace

Prize: 450/1350/1500/1500/1500 experience points, 160/240/320/320/320 gold, 1 additional option.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 960 gold, Enchanter's Cuirass of Jurak of Vengeance, 2 additional options.

Into the Bandit's Den

Received from: Louis M2.1(1)

A group of bandits is robbing the traders and their hideout is still left unfound. Head to the ruined chapel, where you will find the Secret Passage M2.1(2.4). On your way you will find a goblin camp. Head to the cell of one of the bandits, Martis M2.4(1), while eliminating the skeletons. After a short conversation, head back the same way as you got there. One of the passages will collapse, so head to the exit by Jackson's farm M2.4(2.1). Martis will open the first door and you will unlock the second using the lever next to them. In return for saving him, the man will tell you the location of the bandits camp M2(2.9) and the password: beetroot. Go to Louis M2.1(1) and tell him about the hideout. Once you arrive there, you will notice some soldiers who will help you in getting rid of the bandits.

ATTENTION: If you decide to postpone telling the captain about the hideout, you can go there on your own and complete a few additional quests.

Prize: 450 experience points, 160 gold, 1 additional option.

Vigor Mortis

Received from: Naberius M2.6(1)

The necromancer specializes in creating monsters that will fight alongside us. To create such a creature, he needs parts from other monsters. Some recent experiments haven't gone well and some creatures escaped. Head to the mine M2(2.12). In one of the corridors M2.12(1) you will find the missing runaways. One of them has a Crystal Skull - take the artifact back to the necromancer. From now on you can create your own minions.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 960 gold, 1 additional option.

Lost Soul

Received from: Lord Lovis M2(2)

Head to Maxos' Temple M2(2.11). To get to Lovis' soul, you have to solve some riddles which are described in the Dragon No More quest M2.11(1). On your way to the stone you will bump into Abalam M2.11(3), who will ask you to destroy the item in search - the In Cold Blood quest M2.11(3). Once you're done with Amdasius M2.11(4) you will get the stone. Take Lovis' Soul Stone and return to Lord Lovis M2(2) to give him his soul back. Additionally, one of the chests by the throne will be unlocked.

Prize: 1650 experience points, 360 gold, 1 additional option.

Couple Trouble

Received from: Clement / Sybille M2.9(2)

One of the couples staying in the camp wants to leave it and begin a normal life. Christopher stands in their way, as he won't let them through. Go to him M2.9(7) and read his mind to find out that the want to drink the Rimmel rum. You will find it nearby to big gate, on which you can get using the ladders M2.9(8). Take the bottle to Christopher and after he leaves the post you can inform the couple that they can get out of the cam safely. In return they will give you their weapons.

Prize: 1500 experience points, Light Steel Mace, Heavy Kings Sword, 1 additional option.

An Axe to Find

Received from: Tagos M2.9(3)

Head to the passage leading to Orobas Fjords, you will find Tagos' Axe by one of the bodies M2(11). Return to the camp.

1. If you decide to keep the axe you will be attacked. Tagos will give up after he acknowledges that you're stronger.

Prize: 1 option to choose.

2. You can return the weapon to its rightful owner.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 1 additional option.

Daylight Robbery

Received from: Ragnar M2.9(4)

Your task is to help or stop the bandits from a robbery. Head to the pass M2(11) where you will find some bandits and traders.

1. If you choose to kill the bandits, you will fail the quest, but receive a prize from the grateful traders.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 1 additional option.

2. If you help the bandits, you will earn their gratitude and a prize.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 320 gold, 1 additional option.

The Temple of Doom

Received from: Leda M2.9(5)

In order to meet with Laiken, you must first pass a test. Go through the door in front of you. Talk with Jagon M2.9(6). To pass the test, you have to simply defeat him. However the task isn't easy. As soon as you accept the challenge, run to the other side of the room. You will get poisoned, so you have to be quick. Begin attacking Jagon. After a while another door will open - go through them as fast as you can. In the next room you will bump into some skeletons. After getting rid of them go up the ladder and your enemy will once more teleport to a distant spot. This time you have to be careful, because the surface will cause you to burn. The safest route is obviously the river. Head to the next door Dark Cave M2.9(2.10). Jagon will be waiting for you there M2.10(1). Once you defeat him, head to the mysterious teleport. After the conversation with Laiken you will return to the cave and the teleport will be buried under rocks.

Prize: 1 option to choose.

Method or Madness

Received from: Eugene M2(5)

Head to the village, to the tavern to be precise. In one of the upper floor rooms you will find Doctor Needleman M2.1(7). He will give you the medicine which will allow you to get rid of one of the voices which are controlling Eugen.

1. You can choose Clyde.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 240 gold, Axe of Firebat, 1 additional option.

2. Or Jackal.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 240 gold, Ring of Aleroth, 1 additional option.

A Tale of Two Tomes

Received from: The Librarian M2.11(2)

Your task is to find the first volume of Orbis Arcesso, which can be found somewhere in the temple. Head to the room M2.11(5), on the upper floor you will find a key opening the chest below, under the stairs. Take the book and return it to the librarian after reading it yourself. In return you will receive a special spell.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 320 gold, Dragon Skill Book, 1 additional option.

In Cold Blood

Received from: Abalam M2.11(3)

You will be asked to destroy Lovis' Soul Stone, thanks to which he won't be able to regain his soul. Complete the Dragon No More quest M2.11(1), you will receive Lovis' Soul Stone. Destroy it at the altar, to complete the ghost's request. Thereby the Lovis' Soul quest will end in failure.

Prize: 1 additional option.

The Hunt for Red Ore

Received from: Dreavan M2(9)

In order to upgrade items and armours, the sorcerer needs the Red Ore. Head to the mine M2(2.13) where you will find the ore you're searching for.

Prize: 1500 experience points, 320 gold, 1 additional option.

Lost for Words

Received from: George Gremory M2(12)

The archaeologist will ask you for help in reading some old notes. Head north to Maxos' temple, where you will find an imp - ZixZax M2(6). He will give you a dictionary containing an old language. It will summon a demon - you have to be cautious, as it can take control over you and move away from itself.

Prize: 2200 experience points, 360 gold, 1 additional option.

Stuck in a Hole

Received from: Rothman M2(14)

The man has fallen into a troll trap and asks you for help. You have to obtain a line, which you can find for example in the village cellars. Once you get the man out, you will be attacked by a troll. In return for saving the man's life, you will receive a bow.

Prize: Rothman's Bow, 1 additional option

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