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Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Quests list - Side quests DIIED Guide

Broken Valley

Band of Brutes M2.1(7)

For a Pound of Flesh M2.1(7)

The Fugitive M2.1(7)

The Greater Hunger M2.1(7)

Lovis' Loot M2(4)

Saving the Bacon M2.1(5)

Bad Blood M2.1(10)

A Private Delivery M2.1(14)

Feast or Famine M2.1(8)

Skeletons in the Closet M2.1(14)

High and Dry M2.1(13)

A Hunting We Shall Go M2.1(1)

Into the Bandit's Den M2.1(1)

Vigor Mortis M2.6(1)

Lost Soul M2(2)

Couple Trouble M2.9(1)

An Axe to Find M2.9(2)

Daylight Robbery M2.9(4)

The Temple of Doom M2.9(5)

Method or Madness M2(5)

A Tale of Two Tomes M2.11(2)

In Cold Blood M2.11(3)

The Hunt For Red Ore M2(9)

Lost for Words M2(12)

Stuck in a Hole M2(14)

Sentinel Island

From Soup To Nuts M3(2)

The Old Ghost and the Sea M3(3)

Ghostbuster M3(5)

The Writing on the Whale M3(12)

Man Overboard M3(14)

Legend of the Ancient Mariner M3(14)

Sibling Rivalry M3.4(1)

Battle Tower

Out on a Limb M4(Jonelath)

Risk Life for Limb M4(Jonelath)

The Book of the Dead M4(Igor)

Black Ring's Ring M4(Igor)

Allan Brew Confidential M4(Allan)

Wisdom in a Bottle M4(Allan)

Borrowed Book M4(Barbatos)

An Alchemist's Apparel M4(Barbatos)

Apprentice and Adversary M4(Kenneth)

By the Book M4(Kenneth)

Dear John M4(Hermosa)

Murder for Myrthos M4(Hermosa)

Short Supply M4(Wesson)

Riging Raze M4(Wesson)

Delicate Affairs M4(Radcliff)

Orobas Fjords

Red Ore Alert M5(1)

Grave Robbers M5.5(2)

Sight For Sore Eyes M5(4)

Stood Up M5(1)

Down the Hatch M5(10)

Thorn in the Side M5(14)

Between Troll and a Hard Place M5(13)

The Runes of Wrath M5(15)

A Hunting We Shall go Again M5(13)

A Shaman's Ransom M5(13)

On The Road Again M5(13)

Death Of a Champion M5.13(2)

Much Ado About Goblins M5.13(3)

Divine Descendant M5(15)

The Horror of High Hall M5(15)

A Guild without a Master M5.1(1)

Mysterious Cave M5(10)

Close to the Bone M5.28(1)

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