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Mission plan | Mission 7 - The Flooded District Dishonored Guide

Overall premises

The mission takes place in the [Flooded District] and it's one of the longest ones in the game. After you get out of the prison, your main priority will be to find the Empress' assassin, Daud. This will not be the end on the mission yet, as you will have to return then to the Hound Pits Pub. Traditionally, you will have to perform a series of side quests on your way.

In a nutshell

Below, you can find a list of all of the sub-points to this guide, connected with the described mission. If you want to explore the area thoroughly, follow all of my instructions from end to end. If you prefer to concentrate on the main mission instead, turn your attention only to the pages with the note (compulsory) attached

Steps to take:

  • Find your way out of the warehouse (compulsory)
  • Explore Rudshore Waterfront (optional) - The Waterfront is a quite vast location. Still, it's worth exploring even though there are assassins and other threats there.
  • Make your way to the Greaves Refinery (optional) - In theory, your jaunt to the Refinery is optional, but I recommend against ignoring this part, especially that that's where all the gear taken away from Corvo was dropped.
  • Explore the Greaves Refinery area (optional) - The area around the refinery is occupied by weepers and river krusts, but there is a lot of valuable loot in there.
  • Reach the location where Corvo's gear was dropped (optional) - Corvo's gear was dropped at the ground floor of the refinery, and getting there is not easy when you consider the necessity to climb and avoid weepers.
  • Get to the central Rudshore (compulsory)
  • Explore Central Rudshore(optional) - Around, there are sheer numbers of assassins and hounds. However, exploration of the area around Daud's headquarters' gives a few interesting collectibles.
  • Infiltrate Daud's headquarters (compulsory)
  • Reach Daud's chamber (compulsory)
  • Choose your way of eliminating Daud (compulsory)
  • Get to the tunnel underneath Daud's headquarters (compulsory)
  • Explore the area around the quarantine wall (optional) - It is another, quite vast an area, during the exploration of which, you need to watch out for various enemies, including tallboys.
  • Meet the survivors (optional) - There are a couple of side quests connected with the survivors taking refuge in the nearby blocks of flats. It, of course, pays off to help the civilians.
  • Get across the quarantine wall (compulsory)
  • Reach the sewer entrance (compulsory)
  • Explore the first part of the sewers (compulsory)
  • Obtain the access key to the second part of the sewers (compulsory)
  • Explore the second part of the sewers (compulsory)

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