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Disco Elysium Guide

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Disco Elysium: User Interface Disco Elysium guide, walkthrough

From this page of the guide, you will learn about the user interface in Disco Elysium and whether it is customizable.

The user interface in Disco Elysium is very clear and intuitive, but you can't customise it in any way. None of the UI elements on the main screen interfere with the gameplay or distract the Player.

While playing Disco Elysium, the following UI elements are displayed on-screen - Disco Elysium: User Interface - Basics - Disco Elysium Guide

While playing Disco Elysium, the following UI elements are displayed on-screen:

  1. (1): Harrier and Kim's character portraits are in the bottom left corner of the screen. Above them are your character's Health and Morale bars. The former is represented by the orange bar and the latter by the blue one. The numbers displayed in the crosses above the Life and Morale bars stand for how much medicine you have left;
  2. (2): clicking this icon opens the character sheet, where you can allocate points to the skills of your choice;
  3. (3): click this icon to open your inventory. In this window, you can see which items and tools you have obtained and your character's modifiers. You can also change Harrier's clothing and equip various utility items (left and right hand);
  4. (4): this icon represents the Journal - all of your current quests and their progress are listed there, and so is the map of the location (if you have already acquired it). You can also check which quests you have already completed;
  5. (5): this icon leads to the Thought Cabinet, where you can examine the thoughts you've discovered to gain additional bonuses for your character. For more information about this system, visit the Thought Cabinet page;
  6. (6): in the bottom right corner of the screen, you will find the following information: the clock, the current in-game day, how much money (Real) you have, and icons standing for the items Harrier is currently holding in his hands;
  7. (7): the main character of the game Disco Elysium - Harrier du Bois. The thoughts swirling in his mind are represented by spheres of various colors, e.g. yellow or blue, appearing above his head. Once clicked, a dialog box will open and you will have the opportunity to get more information, e.g. about the current situation or the object you are looking at.
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