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Disco Elysium Guide

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Disco Elysium: Political Alignment Disco Elysium guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Disco Elysium game guide, you will find all the relevant information about the game's Political Alignment system.

In Disco Elysium, there is a system that determines your character's political beliefs. These are affected by the choices the Player makes during gameplay instead of being decided upon at character creation. There are four main ideologies in Disco Elysium: communism, fascism, moralism and ultraliberalism. It is important to note here that political ideologies are tied to specific thoughts in the Thought Cabinet and provide particular bonuses.


  1. Thought Cabinet: Mazovian Socio-Economics;
  2. Bonus: every communist dialogue option you select earns you 4 +XP, -1 Visual Calculus, -1 Authority;
  3. How to unlock: select 4 communist dialogue options;
  4. Representatives (NPCs): Evrart Claire, Cindy the Skull.


  1. Thought Cabinet: Revacholian Nationhood;
  2. Bonus: +2 Physical when the character is drunk, nationalist dialogue options damage -1 Morale;
  3. How to unlock: select 4 fascist dialogue options;
  4. Representatives (NPCs): Measurehead, Gary the Cryptofascist, Racist Lorry Driver, René Arnaux.


  1. Thought Cabinet: Kingdom of Conscience;
  2. Bonus: selecting moralism dialogue options recovers Morale, learning caps of the Logic and Volition skills are raised to 5;
  3. How to unlock: don't follow any political ideology;
  4. Representatives (NPCs): Kim Kitsuragi, Trant Heidelstam, The Sunday Friend.


  1. Thought Cabinet: Indirect Modes of Taxation;
  2. Bonus: you gain +1 Real (Disco Elysium's main in-game currency) every time you select ultraliberal dialogue options, -1 Empathy;
  3. How to unlock: during conversations, select options that will earn you the most money, such as accepting Evrart's bribe;
  4. Representatives (NPCs): Siileng, Joyce Messier, Mega Rich Light-Bending Guy.
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