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Disco Elysium Guide

Disco Elysium Guide

Ultraviolence horror-show Disco Elysium guide contains a complete walkthrough including The Final Cut missions, Beginner's Guide and the best tips. We describe all endings, Thought Cabinet, skill tests, ideologies, character development. Trophies, controls, system requirements.

This guide and walkthrough for Disco Elysium is a compendium of knowledge about this unusual production. Detailed information and tips contained in our guide will allow you to learn all the most important game mechanics, complete all main and side quests, properly develop your character and earn all achievements.

The first major chapter of this guide focuses on the basics of Disco Elysium. This chapter opens with Beginners Guide recommended for players new to this unusual isometric RPG. On separate pages in this chapter, we cover such important issues as character attributes, skills, ideology (political views), Thought Cabinet, and Skill checks.

The second very extensive section of this Disco Elysium guide is a FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions. On separate pages, we explain in detail, e.g. how to get a Yellow Plastic Bag, how to make money, does the game has a time limit, are there any drugs in Disco Elysium, is it possible to romance NPCs, if you can use firearms, or whether Harrier Du Bois (main character) can die.

In a separate chapter, of course, you will find a detailed walkthrough for Disco Elysium. On separate pages of this chapter, we describe all the main quests that are necessary to complete the main storyline. Our Disco Elysium walkthrough also includes all the optional side quests available in the game.

Disco Elysium is a game that can be completed (or not) in many ways, so in our guide, we dedicated a separate chapter to this issue, where we describe all the possible endings - both good and bad. This guide ends with the Appendix where you will find, among others, a list of all achievements along with tips on how to unlock them, as well as Disco Elysium's system requirements and a detailed keybinds list.

Disco Elysium: Beginner's tips

  1. Start on Normal difficulty: This is the most appropriate difficulty level for anyone who is new to Disco Elysium and wants to learn the basics;
  2. Character creation: The attribute points you assign to your character before the start of the game are permanent and cannot be changed later;
  3. Skill checks: in Disco Elysium, you will encounter two types of skill checks - passive and active. Passive checks happen in the background and are automatically completed when the character makes a successful skill check. Active ones are those that you choose on your own during dialogues;
  4. Experience Points: XP points in Disco Elysium are earned by talking to encountered NPCs and completing quests;
  5. Interactive items: pressing Tab or the right mouse button will highlight items that you can interact with;
  6. The passage of time: time in Disco Elysium runs while talking to NPCs, sitting on a bench or reading, but stops while exploring;
  7. Yellow Plastic Bag: when you leave the hotel, you can pick up a yellow bag - you will find it by the water, next to a man who is leaning against the railing. When you equip it, you will be able to pick up bottles and other plastic waste from the ground or pull it out of certain containers. You can later sell them at the Frittte kiosk (northeast of the hotel).

For more hints and tips, see the Beginners Guide section.

Disco Elysium: All main quests

Identification of the body

  1. Interview cafeteria manager
  2. Inspect the Victim's body
  3. Who made the call reporting the crime
  4. Ask Kim to tell you about the case
  5. Interview the Union boss
  6. Open trash container
  7. Getting the body down
  8. Perform field autopsy
  9. Find the bullet before you get fooled
  10. Fridge victim's body
  11. End-of-day debrief with Kim
  12. Interrogate the vigilantes
  13. The smoker on the balcony
  14. Interview the Sunday friend
  15. Interview the Wild Pines rep
  16. Send victim's body to processing
  17. Joyce's info on the lynching
  18. The victim's tattoos
  19. Run the number on the victim's armour


  1. Prove your authority to Titus Hardie
  2. Question Klaasje about the dead man
  3. Speak to the assault victim
  4. Doorgunner Megamix
  5. Get the whole story from Titus

Disco Elysium: All side quests


  1. Pay for damages
  2. Find money for rent and pay Garte
  3. Report your badge missing
  4. Pay Lena back for pin
  5. Return Lena's pin
  6. Wash off the death smell


  1. Call your station's lazareth
  2. Find your paperwork
  3. Read your ledger and name the case
  4. Read the watermarks
  5. The pissing competition
  6. Get a reality lowdown
  7. Find your heraldic bird
  8. Ask Klaasje about Sunday night


  1. Open apartment door for Evrart
  2. What is the Race Enigma?
  3. The *special* borscht
  4. Confront Hardie boys about drug trade


  1. Find your other shoe
  2. Buy FALN pants from Cuno
  3. Where is the rest of the armour?
  4. Getting the Hanged Man's boots


  1. Find smokes and smoke them
  2. Find booze and drink it
  3. Find pyrholidon and slurp it
  4. Find speed and sniff it

Doomed Commercial Area

  1. Investigate Doomed Commercial Area
  2. Pick up dice from the Dicemaker


  1. Find out who is in the Union box
  2. Explore the Whirling's secret passages
  3. Ask the petanque player about the may bells
  4. Ask Rene about the photo
  5. Investigate apartment #10 for the cleaning lady
  6. Split a 'kilo' with Cuno
  7. Close the water lock on Wednesday
  8. The Jam Mystery
  9. Ask 'Scab Leader' about tattoos
  10. Replace lost boule
  11. Arrest Klaasje

Disco Elysium: PC system requirements

  1. Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit;
  2. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo;
  3. RAM: 2 GB;
  4. Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 560 or better DirectX 11 compatible;
  5. Disk space: 20 GB.

For more information, including the recommended system requirements to run Disco Elysium on Windows PC and macOS, check out the System requirements page.

Disco Elysium: FAQ - I have a problem and I am looking for answers

If you want to learn more about Disco Elysium, check out the following questions that answer key questions about this production. Answers to other important questions can be found on separate pages of the FAQ section.

  1. Yellow plastic bag - how to get it? - this item allows you to collect bottles that you can later sell. It's a good idea to get a Yellow Plastic Bag as early as possible, so here's a tip on how to do it;
  2. Money - how to earn it? - the main currency in Disco Elysium is the Reál. The money can be spent on various goods (healing items, clothing) or services, as well as on paying off debt (Pay for damages side quest ). On this page of the guide, you will find several ways to get money fast;
  3. Prybar - how to get it? - this tool will help your character to open locked rooms, containers, and chests. Inside, you can find useful healing items, clothing, and money. Prybar can also come in handy for certain quests, like Open trash container.

About Disco Elysium Guide

Author : Lukasz "Qwert" Telesinski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Disco Elysium Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: ZA/UM
  • publisher: ZA/UM
  • platform: PC, PS4, Switch, PS5

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