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DiRT 4 Game Guide

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Difficulty level adjustment | Tips DiRT 4 Guide

You cannot change the difficulty level of opponent, nor the number of repetitions during the competition. - Difficulty level adjustment | Tips - Tips - DiRT 4 Game Guide
You cannot change the difficulty level of opponent, nor the number of repetitions during the competition.

In the game, it is possible to adjust difficulty level and match it with your own skills, to make it more comfortable to play, or challenging. First of all, you will have to decide if you prefer simulation or arcade which is more "player friendly". Personally, I recommend choosing simulation, which allows you to pull more complex maneuvers, thanks to which you will win better time results. You can change it at any moment, from the level of DiRT Academy. Difficulty levels determine how fast you gain reputation. For that reason, it is better to set a higher difficulty level, but one you will be able to handle.

Available settings and their effect:

  • AI difficulty - determines how demanding the opponents are (their time results, or driving style), there are 5 levels available (the highest one is unlocked during the game). Effect on reputation: 2-14%.
  • Restarts - the number of times you can restart a given stage, if you do not do that well. Remember that they refer to an entire event (which may comprise as many as 5 stages). Effect on reputation: 1-6%.
  • Auto repairs - thanks to this option, your car is automatically repaired after a race, as long as your resources allow it, in accordance with the instructions from the head engineer. Effect on reputation: 0-1%.
  • Anti-lock braking system - ABS for the cars. Makes it easier to brake on asphalt and more difficult to break on dirt. Effect on reputation: 0-2%.
  • Off-throttle braking system - determines the rate at which the car slows down after you release the gas pedal. Depends on individual preferences. Effect on reputation: none.
  • Automatic windscreen wipers - useful, especially if you splash into water, or are splashed with mud. Effect on reputation: none.
  • Exterior cameras - If active, the option locks all cameras but two: cockpit view (driver position) or dashboard view. It is a good idea to activate it, if you are not going to use the exterior view. Effect on reputation: 0-2%.
  • Automatic launch - before you start a match usually you only hold down the gas pedal and start automatically after the countdown is out. With this option active, you will also have to hold down the handbrake and release it when you want to start. Decreases the risk or false start. Effect on reputation: 0-1%.
  • Stability control - thanks to this option, you will be able to drive along straights and keep the car in a straight position, while driving over rough terrain. Of negligible importance. Effect on reputation: 0-2%.
  • Traction control - ASR makes it easier to exit uncontrollable wheel spin and swerves. Effect on reputation: 0-2%.
  • Transmission - Determines the type of transmission in your car. Effect on reputation: 0-2%.
  • Forced decoupling - this system is only useful if you have the clutch. Thanks to it (even in the case of automatic transmission), after you use the clutch, you can increase engine rpm and after you release it, you transmit the revolutions to the wheels, just like in the case of automatic launch. Effect on reputation: none.
  • Time control braking - this system slows down your car right after you pass the finishing line. This prevents accidental damage to the car, when you cross the finishing line too fast. Effect on reputation: none.

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