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DiRT 4 Game Guide

Table of Contents

Facilities | Your Team DiRT 4 Guide

Each building can be upgraded to level 5 - Facilities | Your Team - Your Team - DiRT 4 Game Guide

Each building can be upgraded to level 5

In order to improve stats of your staff, offers, salary and other modifiers, you will need to upgrade your facilities. The costs are high but so are the benefits. Your reputation level determines whether you can purchase a given building or not.

  1. VIP Suite – Facilitates the process of hiring new staff members and lowers their salary expectations.
  2. Catering Block – improves morale, and thus – performance of your staff. It’s cheap and one should definitely upgrade it.
  3. Recycling Center – reduces repair cost. Take your time before you build it as primary repairs are rather cheap.
  4. R&D – Build it and develop as soon as possible. This facility will allow you to attach high quality upgrades to your vehicles.
  5. Logistics – Develop this building and your relations with other staff members (and sponsors) will improve from the very beginning. Modify the building according to your progress.
  6. Sponsors – adds additional slots (max. 6) for new sponsors. Upgrade it quickly as more sponsors mean more money.
  7. Accommodation – you can hire high quality engineers. Develop when needed (when you realize that you cannot complete all the necessary repairs).
  8. Garage Expansion – more space for your vehicles.
  9. Private Collector– increases the likelihood of finding interesting vehicle offers in the advertisement section. Not worth it – upgraded vehicles are often expensive. It’s better to focus on R&D, buy cheap cars without modifications and upgrade them yourself.
  10. Lounge – some of your staff members have negative modifiers that affect their performance. The lounge will lower these negative modifiers.
  11. Tool Box – invest in this upgrade to improve your engineers’ parameters, and thus decrease repair time. It’s worth your time if you have at least two or three engineers.
  12. Workshop – grants discount on modified parts. Leave it until you upgrade R&D. Upgrades for cheap cars require no discount – they are cheap enough.

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