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Engineers are optional (if you can drive without causing any damage that is) - Staff | Your Team - Your Team - DiRT 4 Game Guide

Engineers are optional (if you can drive without causing any damage that is)

Once you purchase a vehicle, you can adjust your staff. The better the staff member is, the more money he will want. You can try to double the share of the minimal value that was expected, but then you will have to wait one race to renew the contract.

  1. Chief Engineer – he will determine how fast and effectively you can diagnose malfunctions, and perform vehicle tuning (to be more specific, being able to save and load your vehicle settings).
  2. Engineers – they repair your vehicles. If you decide to add Tool Box (modifies your engineers), it’s best to hire more mediocre engineers. You also decide the length of their contracts.
  3. PR Agent – he will determine your sponsor offers and the expected share (hopefully low) of newly hired staff members. The PR Agent will also determine your income when you are renting a vehicle.
  4. Co-driver – will instruct you during a race, in the language equal to your nationality (regardless of the language settings).
  5. Rallycross spotters – similar to co-drivers, they will give you information, other disciplines (not rally).

Offers from new employees will be presented as you advance to higher levels. Sometimes, when you unlock a new license, you can “win” a new staff member – you will recruit him for free but you will have to pay him later on. In order to decrease the cost of recruitment and salary, modify VIP Suite and hire better PR Agents.

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