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Purchasing vehicles | Your Team DiRT 4 Guide

Among the available advertisements, you will often come across historic vehicles - Purchasing vehicles | Your Team - Your Team - DiRT 4 Game Guide

Among the available advertisements, you will often come across historic vehicles

Once you have your Team, you can purchase a new vehicle. You can purchase them in a car show room or from available advertisements. In a car show room you will get newer cars but the level of their upgrades will be higher than those purchased from advertisements. In advertisements you will often find cheaper cars (with lower level of upgrades) and older vehicles (e.g. needed in a historic rally). Vehicles from advertisements will change every race. This means different models, level of available upgrades and prices. Thus, you should often monitor the available advertisements.

Useful tips:

  1. Donít buy vehicles in advance Ė in order to complete a mission, you donít need to have all the cars, or even one from each class. In many races, you can use more than one type of vehicles;
  2. The capacity of your garage is limited and depends on upgrading Garage Expansion;
  3. You can sell cars for half of their original price;
  4. Upgrade Private Collector, to increase the likelihood of better offers among advertisements (often you will come across highly modified cars);

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