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Cutting curves during a track race can also result in time penalties - Penalties | Tips - Tips - DiRT 4 Game Guide

Cutting curves during a track race can also result in time penalties.

The stakes are high and if you obey certain rules, you will receive penalties. There are only time penalties, no financial penalties. Draw your attention to the fact that (during a rally) sponsors dislike when you receive penalties – To boost your reputation, you will often receive a different penalty.

When taking part in a rally, you can get penalties for:

  1. Moving too far from the track,
  2. Respawning your vehicle to get back on track (getting back after a rollover / falling out of the track,
  3. Crashing into a group of people by the track,
  4. False start.

Penalties during track races are more painful, due to the lower time differences between cars. You can get penalties for:

  1. Moving beyond the track line (cutting the curves) – the stewards will decide on the penalty and you won’t find out about their verdict until you finish the lap.
  2. False start,
  3. When taking part in a rallycross you need to pass through a separate part of the track, the so-called joker. In case of false start, you will have to make the distance twice. If you won’t pass the joker at all, a time penalty will be added.
  4. There are no penalties for damaging vehicles (your and your opponents’).

During each race your car can be damaged. You can perform the necessary repair if you have enough money. Pay attention to the overall repair time – if you exceed the 30 minute time limit, you will get penalties.

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