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DiRT 4 Game Guide

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Repairs | Tips DiRT 4 Guide

You can repair your vehicles in boxes - Repairs | Tips - Tips - DiRT 4 Game Guide

You can repair your vehicles in boxes. Depending on the type of the race, you can access them in different time periods. Tires are repaired automatically, thus having a spare tire in the trunk of your car is not obligatory – it can be used to repair the tire on your way (you can get rid of it when tuning your vehicle).

You have 30 minutes to repair your vehicle. If you exceed this limit, you will face serious time penalty till your next race. Try to fix your vehicle within the time limit. Select repair options from other tabs and the bar at the bottom will fill out with light-green and dark-green. The light-green color determines the obvious time of the repair, while dark-green will indicate additional time that may be added. The length of the latter bar depends on your chief engineer’s diagnostics level. In order to find out what will be the full time of repair, you can use Inspection of specific components. It’s only worth the effort if have your doubts and there are many minor damages of one type. You should also wash your car – this will improve the inspection, and your sponsors’ attitude!

A good Chief Engineer will decrease the time it takes to diagnose the errors - Repairs | Tips - Tips - DiRT 4 Game Guide
A good Chief Engineer will decrease the time it takes to diagnose the errors

There are three types of errors: drive units, transmission and chassis. Damages to Chassis are the most common ones and thus it’s important to pick a Chief Engineer who will be able to spot them as quickly as possible. You can fully repair most of the components or perform a provisional fix, which takes less time, but may cause malfunctions during the race. There are certain elements that cannot be repaired – you will have to replace them and that takes more time. First, focus on:

  1. Wheel geometr;
  2. Shock absorbers;
  3. Bodywork/lights, if it’s a night race, lights are required;
  4. Engine.

The remaining damages are not that serious. If this is the last race, you can skip the process of repairing your bodywork – repairing it will affect how fast a serious malfunction will take place (after car accidents). At you end of the race you will still have to fix the entire vehicle, so if you have enough time and money in your box, repair your car as much as you can.

How to decrease the repair time?

You need to decide how much trouble you have with repairing your vehicles. It’s best to reduce the amount of damage but it’s not always an option. You can affect the repair time in several ways:

  1. Hire more Engineers (upgrade the quarters);
  2. Provide better tools – upgrade the tool box;
  3. Hire a better Chief Engineer;
  4. Use parts of lower quality – they won’t be as effective, but they are much faster and cheaper to repair;
  5. Build Recycling center to slightly decrease the repair cost.

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