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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide by

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide

Table of Contents

Witch Doctor | Example builds Diablo III: RoS Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Witch Doctor is the equivalent of a necromancer, who can summon and command various undead creatures and demons to fight by his side - Witch Doctor | Example builds - Example builds - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide

Witch Doctor is the equivalent of a necromancer, who can summon and command various undead creatures and demons to fight by his side. That is why a Witch Doctor with literally dozens of creatures swarming around him is a pretty common sight. What is more, those spiritual warriors have some of the most potent poisons at their disposal. Witch Doctors can also control their foe's behavior, by restricting their movements, or even seizing control over them.

This build focuses mainly on dealing huge AoE damage in a short period. The following combination of skills will allow you to quickly clear rifts and complete quests. To make this build work properly, you will need the Helltooth Harness set, which will allow you to deal more damage and reduce the damage that you receive. Bastions of Will set is very important for this build. Choose any amulet that you like. Thanks to Belt of Transcendence, you will be able to summon extra Fetishes for free. Jeram's Bracers will increase the damage deal by Death Wall. The most important item in your equipment is the weapon - Suwong Diviner, without which it would be difficult for you to use Acid Cloud effectively.


Left mouse button - Witch Doctor | Example builds - Example builds - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide

Left mouse button. Acid Cloud + Slow Burn

This skill will allow you to deal a lot of AoE damage over time. Moreover, you can stack the skill in one place to increase the damage dealt to mobs.

Right mouse button. Corpse Spiders + Blazing Spiders

Corpse Spiders not only deal damage, but also regenerate your hero's mana.

1. Spirit Walk + Jaunt

Using Spirit Walk, you can leave your body and enter the spirit realm for 2 seconds. When you're there, you can move freely, which increases the hero's mobility. Thanks to the Jaunt rune, you can stay in this form longer.

2. Piranhas + Piranhado

Piranhas deal a lot of damage and also put a debuff on your enemies, which increases the damage they receive by 15%. Using the Piranhado rune, you can create a spinning tornado that lasts 4 seconds and pulls your enemies into it.

3. Wall of Death + Fire Wall

Wall of Death deals a huge amount of damage to targets in its range of attack. Using this skill the proper way will require a lot of practice, but when you learn to position it well, your enemies will start disappearing.

4. Soul Harvest + Languish

Soul Harvest will increase your intelligence and thus, your damage. Moreover, you will increase your armor and you will be able to slow your enemies down. This will make it easier for you to position the Wall of Death.

Passive Skills

1. Swampland Attunement

This skill gives you a large bonus to your endurance.

2. Grave Injustice

A great skill that regenerates 1% of your total hp and mana every time an enemy dies within 20 meters from you. Moreover, the cooldown of all the skills is reduced by 1 second. It will make you last much longer on the battlefield.

3. Gruesome Feast

When collecting health orbs, you will get an extra intelligence buff.

4. Confidence Ritual

It will increase the amount of damage that you deal to enemies within 20 meters from you.

Required gems

1. Bane of the Trapped

2. Esoteric Alteration

3. Bane of the Powerful or Bane of the Stricken

Kanai's Cube effects

1. Furnace

2. The Grin Reaper

3. Convention of the Elements

Paragon levels

Core: Movement Speed / Intelligence / Vitality / Maximum Resources

Attack: Critical Hit Chance / Critical Hit Damage / Cooldown Reduction / Attack Speed

Defensive: All Resistances / Armor / Life Regeneration / Life

Utility: Area Damage / Resource Cost Reduction / Life per Hit / Gold Find

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