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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide by

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide

Table of Contents

Crusader at a range | Example builds Diablo III: RoS Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In spite of his plate armor and shield, the Crusader does not have the skill to decrease damage, unlike the Monk or the Barbarian - Crusader at a range | Example builds - Example builds - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide

In spite of his plate armor and shield, the Crusader does not have the skill to decrease damage, unlike the Monk or the Barbarian. In spite of that, you can notice that he has the skills to fight over long distance. This build is designed to enable effective combat over long distance. To use this combination of skills, to its fullest, you should be using a two-handed weapon, which doubles the number of bombardments and the shield. As soon as you are equipped with such a set, you can focus on the skills. The main intent is to immobilize the targets and pepper them with Bombardment and Fury.

Active Abilities

Left Button. Justice + Charged Up

The Crusader's basic attack that regenerates Wrath and, thanks to the rune, stands a chance at stunning the opponents. With frequent use, this may stun the opponents really often, which slows them down before they manage to reach you.

Right Button. Blessed shield + Shattering Throw

The main skill to spam, right after Justice. Thanks to the rune from Single Out, it hits several enemies, which helps you eliminate them. You use it mainly in a situation, in which the rest of the skills are still awaiting to cool down. You need to remember that the higher the chance of blocking, the highest damage this skill deals. It is a good idea to equip a good shield, in order to max out on damage.

1. Bombardment + Annihilate

The cooldown of this skill is too long and it last too short, for it to be kept in this build, for an extended period of time. Still, thanks to an appropriate passive skill and weapon (Flail: The Mortal Drama) it increases the rate of regeneration and the duration, thanks to which it becomes the main asset of this build. Thanks to the rune, each blow that you land, is going to be a critical hit so, it is perfect against the elite opponents.

2. Judgment + Deliberation

Immobilizes the enemies for ten seconds. The cooldown is twenty long, thanks to which you can make the enemies stand still, every ten seconds. Always cast it before Bombardment, because thanks to this, more projectiles will reach the enemy.

3. Phalanx + archers

There is not much to tell here. Thanks to the passive skill from Bombardment, damage from Phalanx is greater and additionally, they have a quite short cooldown time. You need to remember that you are summoning four avatars, instead of one, thanks to which the additional damage is quite high.

4. Heaven's Fury + Ascendancy

Second most important skill for dealing damage. You cast it over distance, thanks to which you do not need to approach the opponents. Fury itself hops from one opponent to another, which increases its effective range and you do not need to shorten the distance between you and the opponents.

Passive Skills

1. Heavenly Strength

Required for an effective use of this build. The flail that Bombardment is based on, is a two-handed weapon and it is required by the Blessed Shield.

2. Divine Aegis

Compulsory as well. Decreases cooldown for Bombardment and increases damage from Phalanx. Without it, waiting for the main offensive skill would be too long.

3. Finery

If you have many slots for stones, this choice is very good. Additionally, it increases your base damage, through raising your strength.

4. Blunt

Increases damage from Justice and, since it is the basic for generating Wrath, raising damage is always a good thing.

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