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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide by

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide

Table of Contents

The list of all Materials and Locations | Crafting Diablo III: RoS Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

IN the expansion pack for Diablo 3 all of the craftsmen can be promoted to level 12. To do that, you need to own the item called "death breath", which is rarely dropped by regular opponents and chests, and often after defeating elite opponents.

After you promote them, new recipes unlock and you will be able to each them new ones, for levels 61+.

This gentleman drops Cartographers tools - The list of all Materials and Locations | Crafting - Crafting - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide
This gentleman drops Cartographer's tools

The most important innovation is the fact that, in order to craft a legendary you only need the recipe and the materials that you receive by recycling the other items. Additionally, you need materials that can be obtained at certain locations, from certain monsters or from certain elements of the surroundings that you can interact with, e.g. shelves.

To craft this item, you need the borns key, which you obtain in Act I - The list of all Materials and Locations | Crafting - Crafting - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide
To craft this item, you need the born's key, which you obtain in Act I

The way to obtain these item is to attack unique elite opponents, which do not have the names of abilities, under their health bars and whose names are in violet. Of course, not each unique opponent drops each material. See below to find the list

Percentage chance of a drop, as of April 2014.:

Normal: 5 %

High: 6 %

Expert: 7,2 %

Master: 8,6 %

Torment I: 10,4 %

Torment II: 12,4 %

Torment III: 14,9 %

Torment IV: 17,9 %

Torment V: 21,5 %

Torment VI: 25,8 %

After you found the right type of material, this is not yet it. You then need a white item. The best location to farm these are the Stone fort of Act III, due to the fact that there are many weapon stands there and this is what drops lots of white weapons. Sometimes, you are also going to need a high-quality gem, which has, so far, been used in slots of other items.

The list of materials that you can find in the game, along with the possible (although not the only) locations where you can find unique opponents, which drop them:

Skull of Raylend

Unique Golgor

Act III, Core of Areat

White Oak Splinter

Unique Mountain Wayfarer

Act I, ' Misery (usually, after you open a specific chest)

Shuddering Demon Bone

Unique Morlu

Act IV, Gardens of the Hope Level I, II

Lyekurn's Diary



Adventurer's Journal

Interactive items

Act I-IV (mainly Act I)

Phial of Weakness

Unique Herald of Pestilence

Act III, Battlefields (both solo and during an event)

Rydraelm Tome

Unique Summoner of the Dead

Act II, Dalgur's Oasis

Eternal Power Capsule

Unique Bear

Act I, Pony level

Skelon's Dice

Unique Oppressor

The Unique Demons kept in the cells at the battlefields

Act IV, Gardens of Hope Level 2

Act V, Battlefields of Eternity

Sydury Bone

Unique Sower of Pestilence

Act I, Fields of Misery , the event with destroying four nests on the farm.

Cultist Blood

Unique Cultist

Act II, Alcarnus

Bloody Pincer

Unique Stygian Crawler

Act III, Tower of the Damned Level II (often a Bounty)

Reaper's Fear


Act V

Shiny thorn

Unique Monsters

Act I, Cellars on your way to the Old Tristram

Human Cartilage


Act I, Quest: A Shattered Crown at the Defiled Crypt Level 2.

Cartographer's Toolkit

Unique Ghoul

Act I, Festering Woods, Event: Ancient War

Eyes of the Dead

Unique Skeleton

Act I, Cathedral Level II

Wooden Stake

Unique Skeletal Archer

Act I, Cathedral Level IV

Element of Celerity

Unique Dreadclaw the Leaper

Act I, Fields of Misery

Captured Soul

Unique Soul Ripper

Act III, Keep's Depth Level II

Captured Nightmare

Each Enslaved Nightmare

Terror Demon

Act IV, Silver Spire Level I, II

Hilt of the Silver Wolf


Arreat Crater Level II

Torn Soul

Chupa Khazra

Act I, Southern Highlands

Quaking Vial

Mallet Lord

Act IV, Hellrift

Glowing Ore

Unique Primordial Scavenger

Act V, Battlefields of Eternity

Behistun Rune

Unique Cultist Summoner

Act II, The way to Alcarnus (sometimes a bounty)

Defiled Doll

Unique Succubus

Act IV, Silver Spire Level I

Steel Weave

Skeletal Shieldbearer

Act I, Festering Woods (Event: The Last Stand of the Ancients)

Shattered Core


Act II, Zoltan Kulle's Archives - The Unknown Depths,

Urn of Quickening

Unique Lacuni Huntress

Act III, Ice Cave in the Fields of Slaughter

Act II, Sands

Frozen Blood

Unique Lacuni Huntress

Act III, Ice Cave in the Fields of Slaughter

Griswold's Scribblings


Act I, The cellar under the chapel.

Living Flame

Unique Morlu Caster

Act IV, Silver Spire Level II

Angelic Shard


Fallen Angels


Act IV, Silver Spire Level I

Izual is on the large bridge, right past the Silver Spire Level I

Iron Wolves Doctrine


Act II, The bridge to the Aqueducts in Dahlgur's Oasis.

Essence of Twin Seas

Unique Dune Threshers

Act II, Mines above the Black Canyon

Born's Key

Unique Specter Undertaker

Unique Specter Murderer

Act I, Cemetery of the Forsaken

Act I, Defiled Crypts at the Cemetery of the Forsaken

Mystic Source

Unique Pony

Act I, Pony level

Shard of Esteig Plate

Unique Enraged Specter

Act I, Festering Woods

Demon Skin

Unique Armored Destroyer

Act IV, Gardens of Hope Level I,II (at the second level, only during the Light of Hope Quest)

Symbol of the Guardian Brotherhood


Act III, Stonefort (the initial event while completing quests)

Maghda's Tormented Soul


Act II

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