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Diablo 4 Guide

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Diablo 4: Barbarian - best build Diablo 4 guide

Barbarians are well versed in warfare and are not intimidated by hordes of demonic enemies. On the following page of the guide you will find the best build for this character class. You will learn how to allocate skill points and which Ascpects are worth acquiring.

Last update: Friday, June 2, 2023

If you want to create a powerful Barbarian, follow the below tips concerning builds for this combative character class.

In our guide you will also find a page with all Aspects for the Barbarian.

Thorn Bleed Barbarian

This build is mainly based on Bleeding abilities, which cause enemies to take a lot of damage over time - Diablo 4: Barbarian best build (Beta) - Builds - Diablo 4 Guide

This build is mainly based on Bleeding abilities, which cause enemies to take a lot of damage over time. It also has a few defensive skills which can help your character resist massive enemy attacks. Finally, you can use Thorns that deal damage to nearby opponents.

Here are the skills consisting of the build:

  1. Flay - 5 points. Deals damage and cause Bleeding.
  2. Enhanced Flay - 1 point. The ability has a chance to inflict Vulnerable status on the enemy. If you are using a two-handed weapon, the chance of the effect increases.
  3. Battle Flay - 1 point. When dealing damage with Flay, you receive damage reduction and Thorns. This effect can stack up to 4 times.
  4. Rend - 5 points. A sweeping blow that deals damage and causes Bleeding for a few seconds.
  5. Enhanced Rend - 1 point. Direct damage dealt with Rend increases the duration of Vulnerable status by a few seconds.
  6. Furious Rend - 1 point. Increases the damage dealt with Vulnerable status.
  7. Iron Skin - 1 point. A barrier that absorbs damage equal to half your missing health.
  8. Enhanced Iron Skin - 1 point. The barrier provided by Iron Skin absorbs more damage.
  9. Tactical Iron Skin - 1 point. While the barrier provided by Iron Skin is active, your character will recover some health every second.
  10. Outburst - 3 points. You gain Thorns - additional damage from this status is calculated based on your maximum health.
  11. Tough as Nails - 3 points. Increases Thorns damage and applies Bleeding status to enemies that hit you.
  12. Chellenging Shout - 5 points. Nearby opponents are taunted. You get a damage reduction bonus for a few seconds.
  13. Enhanced Chellenging Shout - 1 point. When activated, Challenging Shout grants a percentage of maximum health.
  14. Strategic Chellenging Shout - 1 point. When you take damage with the shout activated, you gain some Fury.
  15. Imposing Presence - 3 points. Your character will gain some extra health.
  16. Boomin Voice - 3 points. Increases the duration of Shouts.
  17. Guttural Yell - 3 points. Shouts abilities decreases the damage the enemies deal for a few seconds.
  18. Thick Skin - 3 points. Each time you take damage, you get a small bonus to health in the form of Fortify.
  19. Defensive Stance - 3 points. Increases the damage reduction in the Fortify state.
  20. Counteroffensive - 3 points. When a character has Fortify state above 50% of their maximum health, they deal more damage.
  21. Death Blow - 5 points. You deal a mighty blow to the enemies in front of you. If the ability kills an enemy, its cooldown is reset.
  22. Enhanced Death Blow - 1 point. The damage of Death Blow is increased by 100% if the target is a boss.
  23. Warrior's Death Blow - 1 point . Once the Deathblow damages at least one enemy, you gain Berserkering for a few seconds.
  24. Call of the Ancients - 1 point. Call upon the Ancients to fight by your side for 6 seconds. Each of the aides deal a lot of damage.
  25. Prime Call of the Ancients - 1 point. When activated, Call of the Ancients increases attack speed and damage.
  26. Supreme Call of the Ancients - 1 point. Ancients gain extra powers.
  27. Gushing Wounds - 1 point. After causing enemies to bleed, you have a chance equal to the crit chance to increase Bleeding equal to your critical hit bonus. Additionally, Overpowering a bleeding enemy causes an explosion that deals bleeding damage for a few seconds.

Recommended Aspects:

  1. Needleflare Aspect - Thorns have a chance to deal damage to all enemies around.
  2. Edgemaster's Aspect - Skills deal increased damage, depending on the number of Fury points you currently have.
  3. Aspect of Encroaching Wrath - After spending 100 Fury, your next Weapon Mastery Skill will deal 100% more damage.
  4. Devilish Aspect - After generating 100 Fury, you spawn a Dust Devil that deals damage to enemies behind you.
  5. Slaking Aspect - You have a percentage chance that a successful Rend attack will generate 20 Fury points.
  6. Aspect of Might - Basic skills grant a 25% bonus to damage reduction for a few seconds.
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