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Diablo Immortal Guide

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Diablo Immortal: Primary, Secondary and Additional Attributes and their effect Diablo Immortal guide, tips

There are many attributes in Diablo Immortal that determine the effectiveness of your characters. Check out this page for a complete list of primary, secondary, and additional attributes and see what they are responsible for.

Last update: Wednesday, June 8, 2022

This page of our Diablo Immortal guide is dedicated to attributes. You'll learn what types of attributes appear in the game, what are their effects, and which should be developed to maximize the power of your hero.

Primary Attributes

  1. Strength : increases damage and combat rating.
  2. Intelligence : increases the combat rating.
  3. Fortitude : Increases armor, armor penetration, and combat rating.
  4. Vitality : increases health and combat rating.
  5. Willpower : Increases potency, resistance and combat rating.

Secondary Attributes

  1. Offense Rating : This attribute, mixed with enemy combat rating, determines all damage dealt and received.
  2. Armor : lowers damage received and increases block chance.
  3. Armor Penetration : determines how much of the opponent's armor is ignored and increases critical hit damage.
  4. Potency : this, along with enemy resistance stat determines the duration of all debuffs applied on the enemy.
  5. Resistance : this attribute, mixed with the enemy's Potency, determines the duration of all harmful effects applied to your hero.

Additional Attributes

  1. Accuracy Rating : influences the hit chance of your hero. This mixes with Enemy Evasion Rating.
  2. Evasion Rating : increases the hero's chance of avoiding enemy attacks. The final effect is applied (whether you dodge or not) after mixing it with enemy Accuracy Rating.
  3. Critical Hit Chance : increases the chance of a critical hit and makes it able to deal more than double damage - the chance is influenced by the enemy critical hit resistance.
  4. Critical Hit Resistance : lowers the enemy's chance of scoring a critical hit.
  5. Critical Hit Damage : Critical hits can deal more than double damage.
  6. Attack Speed : increases the speed of primary attacks and skills,
  7. Cooldown Reduction : reduces the cooldown time of all skills.
  8. Movement Speed : influences the hero's movement speed.
  9. Block Chance : increases the chance of completely blocking an enemy attack - critical hits cannot be blocked.
  10. Life Drain : determines how much health is regenerated by dealing damage.
  11. Cheat Death : influences the chance of cheating death and surviving with 1HP.
  12. Life Regeneration : determines how much health the player recovers every 5 seconds (outside of combat).
  13. Damage Increase : determines how much more damage the hero deals against players while in Cycle of Strife.
  14. Defense Increase : bonus to damage reduction when facing other players at a Cycle of Strife.
  15. Magic Find : increases the chance of getting higher quality loot from defeated opponents.

Which attributes should receive priority?

When it comes to attributes, in Diablo Immortal, there are attributes that are much more valuable than others when rolling a certain class.

  1. Primary attribute : Increases damage and combat rating, thus influencing the amount of damage done by the character.
  2. Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage : These two attributes influence whether you are able to score meaty critical hits.
  3. Movement speed : More movement speed is especially important when traversing higher level Rifts.
  4. Attack speed : the faster your character attacks, the more damage he will deal.
  5. Life Drain : an attribute especially important for melee characters (Barbarian) or those vulnerable to damage (Demon Hunter)
  6. Cooldown Reduction : lowered cooldown on your skills will add to more damage dealt/survivability.
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