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Devil May Cry 5 Guide

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V Abilities in Devil May Cry 5 Devil May Cry 5 guide, walkthrough

V does not have skills of his own, but develops the skills of his summoned creatures. In Devil May Cry 5 the hero can summon Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare, which fight on his side and obey his orders. Each of them has its own health bar.


Basic skills - they unlock many important functionalities related to other skills - V Abilities in Devil May Cry 5 - V - Devil May Cry 5 Guide
Basic skills - they unlock many important functionalities related to other skills

The breakdown of V's basic skills that can be bought in the Abilities category:

  1. Quickplay - When moving, V jumps to the Shadow after a while, allowing even faster movement. Travelling in the shade, you destroy the bushes with red balls by hitting them.
  2. Promotion - after summoning Nightmare [Demon Transformation] you can also mount it; Usage: jump on Nightmare or press F + MMB. This skill unlocks further abilities allowing to control the Nightmare.
  3. Enemy Step - You can jump on your enemy and bounce back off them, making a double jump. This enables getting behind the enemy's back quickly.
  4. Trigger Heart- Nightmare remains active for longer; Demon Transformation points are reduced at lower rate.
  5. Green Gainer / White Gainer - when Nightmare is active, you have the chance to generate more red balls (in the form of white or green balls that will appear after defeating enemies). To make better profit, make sure to lengthen the effects of Demonic Transformation by buying purple Orbs and unlocking the Trigger Heart.
  6. Get More Orbs - deceptive name; this skill facilitates exploration: You don't have to go back to collect the balls after destroying the bush of the red balls or defeating a group of enemies - they will be automatically attracted towards the hero.
  7. Ex Provocation - the most expensive purchase, which allows you to enhance Taunt (R), which you can scorn enemies during combat to raise the rank of style (so that you will be rewarded with more style points = red balls).


V's Cane has only one upgrade:

  1. Royal Fork - finish all weakened enemies waiting for the last hit; uses one bar of Demonic Transformation; usage: Shift + MMB.
  2. Blockage2, 3 - the Blockage ability generates pillars of lightning that severely hurt enemies in a line. Usage: hold down LMB, until you see sparks around the Griffon (if you release it sooner, the attack will be carried out, but it won't be so strong). Upgrade 2 summons 3 lightning bolts; upgrade 3 - 5 of them.
  3. Round Robin 2, 3 - The Griffon charges power, then creates a field of lightning around it, which damages and pushes enemies off. During this attack, the Griffon teleports near V, so it's a great way of defending yourself. Usage: Shift + direction: back + RMB (hold until you see sparks around the Griffon to trigger a charged attack)
  4. Flank Attack - The Griffon quickly attacks the target enemy, dealing minor damage to them - but also throws them into the air and leaves them lying for a while.
  5. Double Check 2, 3 - A somewhat difficult attack that fires a beam of lightning that hits enemies in front of the Griffon in a wide area of effect. Usage: Shift + direction: back to forward + RMB (hold until you see sparks around the Griffon to trigger a charged attack)
  6. Griffon Vim - if the Griffon loses health, it falls into a lethargy. This skill shortens the time until the Griffon returns to battle.
  7. Griffon Vigor - the Griffon gets more health points.


Griffon Abilities - V Abilities in Devil May Cry 5 - V - Devil May Cry 5 Guide
Griffon Abilities

In this category you will find upgrades for Griffon, a flying monster that fights alongside V - the Griffon uses area attacks:


Shadow Abilities - V Abilities in Devil May Cry 5 - V - Devil May Cry 5 Guide
Shadow Abilities

Shadow is a demonic panther who fights for V, dealing heavy damage to single enemies:

  1. Shadow Combo B / C - buy these cheap combos as soon as you can. Deal deal a lot of damage and can hit more than one enemy.
  2. Breakthrough - this attack is similar to Nero's Streak. Attack enemies by moving in a straight line. This attack doesn't deal a lot of damage. How to use: hold Shift + forward + LMB.
  3. Hedgehog - hold LMB (during a combo or used as a single attack) to damage enemies with spikes. This move doesn't deal a lot of damage but it can push enemies backward; the upgraded version adds spikes protruding from the ground. The attack's downside is that it takes some time to charge (about 4 seconds).
  4. Skewer - attack an enemy standing farther away. This attack is slow and rather difficult to use. How to use: hold Shift + backward to forward + LMB.
  5. Bayonet - press LMB in the air to damage enemies with your tail.
  6. Arbiter - launches enemy in the air; combine it with Bayonet (keep pressing the attack button after using Arbiter) or Bayonet. How to use: hold Shift + backward + LMB.
  7. Guillotine - used in the air (e.g. after Arbiter). Shadow turns into a wheel with spikes. How to use: hold Shift + downward or backward + LMB (usable only in the air).
  8. Shadow Vim - if the Shadow loses its health, it will fall into a lethargy. This skill shortens the time until the Shadow returns to battle.
  9. Shadow Vigor - the Shadow gets more health points.


The Nightmare is a special demon, which can be summoned by V after filling the Demon Transformation bar. The creature remains on the battlefield until the bar is reduced. Note: in order to use these skills, you need the Promotion ability. Then, mount the Nightmare and control it.

  1. Nightmare Combo B - new combo for Nightmare, which has greater area of effect. Usage: press the MMB twice slowly the mash MMB quickly (while sitting on the Nightmare).
  2. Domination - the Nightmare shoots a laser beam; the angle of attack can be controlled with direction buttons. Usage: press MMB.
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