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Introduction | Searching for Proof Deus Ex: HR Guide

You will activate this quest automatically after completing the previous main mission. This is done by acquiring a magnetic card, escaping the hotel and using the shuttle to travel to Tai Yong Medical facility. Get ready for a very long mission which will require you to often act stealthy or to participate in a lot of battles. The second part of this quest also has a difficult scene concerning a room filled with laser traps. Avoiding an alarm there will require from you to display a lot of patience and precision.


1. PRIMARY - Enter TYM tower by passing through Pangu - This objective will remain active for the entire time spent inside the factory. You should know that in most areas you will be allowed to choose different paths to support your style of play. A thing worth mentioning is that attacking enemy units in most areas also means having to deal with small and very mobile robots for the first time.

2. SECONDARY - Rescue a TYM employee - It's definitely a good idea to rescue the scientist, because not only you'll gain valuable experience points, but you'll also have an easier job dealing with a guard encountered in one of the first rooms of the complex.

3. PRIMARY - Find and watch van Bruggen's recording - This objective will appear in your journal after using the second elevator and therefore finding your way to the main tower. An important thing to know about is that you won't have to constantly worry about staying hidden or fighting enemy units, because a lot of rooms and laboratories in the tower will be available to everyone.

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