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Destruction AllStars Guide

Destruction AllStars Guide

Destruction Star Destruction AllStars guide and walkthrough contains beginner's guide, the best tips for all stars, gameplay modes and battles. We describe how to win and how to defend your car, how to change appearance. Trophies, controls, system requirements.

The guide to Destruction AllStars contains information useful for people who want to start playing this production. The guide explains the gameplay basics, summarizes the most important features of the game, and offers tips on how to be a better player. On the first pages of the guide, you will find a description of tutorials thanks to which you will understand the most important gameplay rules, the basics of controls for moving on foot and using vehicles, as well as beginner's tips related to combat and winning matches. The FAQ section covers many important topics - you will find out, e.g. how to get XP, does Destruction AllStars have microtransactions, how to modify the character's appearance or how to steal other players' cars.

A large part of our guide is dedicated to the descriptions of all 16 playable characters in AllStars. You will find out what kind of Breakers and Hero Vehicles are available to each hero, as well as what are the most suitable play styles for them. The guide also has a list of the main game modes (multiplayer, arcade, career, etc.) and a detailed description of all 4 types of matches (rules of the match, a division into teams, useful tips, etc.).

The main chapters of the guide are complemented primarily by the trophy guide where we described in detail the available trophies. We also prepared information, e.g. about system requirements, playing offline, and how long it takes to complete the selected game modes in 100%.

Destruction AllStars: Basics

Below you will find some simple tips that will help you to get better results in matches and earn more points.

  1. Practice a lot in the Training mode available from the main menu. You will be able to test all the playable characters (as well as their skills and vehicles) and check out all types of matches without any pressure.
  2. Try to be on the move at all times. Otherwise, you can become an easy target for other players who may try to hit you, collide with your car or steal it.
  3. Activate the Breakers at the best moment. The ideal moment to activate a breaker (a special skill of the hero or vehicle) depends on which character you chose. Activating a special ability at the wrong time will waste it.
  4. Pay attention to the Slam icons. These are two separate icons for the front slam and the side slam. This will allow you to easily determine when you can hit another vehicle harder and cause more damage.
  5. Eject at the last moment. This is especially important in arenas and game modes where there is a high risk of falling out of the arena. Jumping out of the car before it falls into the abyss can save you from getting eliminated (K.O.).

More complex tips can be found on the Beginners tips page. We also recommend the following pages:

  1. Tutorial - We have described the first tutorial and included information on how to replay tutorials.
  2. Controls basics - You will find a list of buttons used when moving on foot and driving vehicles.
  3. How to win your first match? - We have posted a number of tips that should help you win online matches, that is, with other players.

Destruction AllStars: All playable characters

Destruction AllStars has 16 playable characters - Destruction AllStars - game guide

Destruction AllStars has 16 playable characters. Choosing a playable character is not just a cosmetic choice, as each of the Stars has its own special skill and unique vehicle. Descriptions of the individual Stars can be found on separate pages of the guide.

  1. Stars - general information - You will find out, e.g. when you can select characters and whether all the Stars are available from the start.
  2. Ultimo Barricado
  3. Genesis
  4. Lupita
  5. Shyft
  6. Bluefang
  7. Boxtop
  8. Fuego
  9. Hana
  10. Ratu
  11. Angelo Avello
  12. Twinkle Riot
  13. Jian
  14. Harmony
  15. Xander
  16. Muna
  17. Sgt. Rescue

Destruction AllStars: All game modes

The game modes in Destruction AllStars can be divided into the main modes (multiplayer, singleplayer, tutorial, etc - Destruction AllStars - game guide

The game modes in Destruction AllStars can be divided into the main modes (multiplayer, singleplayer, tutorial, etc.) and different types of matches. We have discussed all the game modes on several pages of the guide.

  1. Main game modes - Multiplayer, Arcade, Challenge series, Training.
  2. Mayhem - This is one of the four types of fights (matches) in the game.
  3. Gridfall - This is one of the four types of fights (matches) in the game.
  4. Carnado - This is one of the four types of fights (matches) in the game.
  5. Stockpile - This is one of the four types of fights (matches) in the game.

Destruction AllStars: I have a question and I'm looking for an answer (FAQ)

Our guide has a FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions. These topics are related to, e.g. gameplay and available game content.

  1. XP - how to earn? - We inform you how to earn experience points and what happens when you level up.
  2. Microtransactions - are there any? - Find out if Destruction AllStars has microtransactions and whether you need to spend the real money to unlock all the game content.
  3. Vehicle - how to steal? - We explain how stealing other vehicles works and what options you have after completing the theft mini-game.
  4. Your car - how to defend it? - We suggest what to do when another player jumps on the roof of your car and tries to destroy or steal it.
  5. Character appearance - how to change? - You can check the available options for modifying the characters' appearance, as well as how you can unlock new skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items.
  6. Double jump - how to perform? - We explain when the game unlocks double jumps and what is their main use.
  7. Repairing a car - is it possible? - We answer the question of whether it is possible to repair the car without switching to another vehicle.

Destruction Allstars: Platforms - which ones can run the game?

Destruction Allstars is a PS5 exclusive. You cannot play this game on PS4 or PC. It is worth noting that if you have purchased a PS subscription, you can open the browser, pick up the game, and assign it to your PlayStation Network account. This will allow you to play Destruction AllStars for free if you purchase a PlayStation 5 in the future (and you are paying for a PlayStation Plus subscription).

Destruction AllStars: In a nutshell

Destruction AllStars was developed by Lucid Games and is an exclusive title for the PS5 (the game was added to the PS offer in February 2021) - Destruction AllStars - game guide

Destruction AllStars was developed by Lucid Games and is an exclusive title for the PS5 (the game was added to the PS offer in February 2021). The game is about facing other players in large arenas while moving on foot or using a variety of vehicles. The clashes have a motorsport formula - the players' fights have live commentary, and the arenas are surrounded by stands for the audience. The gameplay is similar to such titles as Destruction Derby, Onrush, and Rocket League. However, Destruction AllStars also has a lot of its own original ideas.

Destruction AllStars has 16 Stars – playable characters. Each of the heroes has its own unique ability and vehicle that they can summon to the arena. Depending on the chosen character, we can, for example, leave a fiery trail that hurts other players or strengthen the front of the vehicle to deal more damage while ramming others. We do not use vehicles all the time - we can move on the foot and jump to, for example, collect shards and collectibles, or try to steal another player's vehicle.

Destruction AllStars offers four types of clashes, e.g. a classic deathmatch or team match, in which two teams face each other. The game puts the biggest emphasis on multiplayer matches (for up to 16 players). However, it also includes single-player modes like Arcade mode or Challenge series (career).

About Destruction AllStars Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : March 2, 2021

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Destruction AllStars Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Lucid Games
  • publisher: Lucid Games
  • platform: PS5

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