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Destiny 2 Game Guide

Destiny 2 Game Guide

Space odyssey continues.Guide for Destiny 2 contains everything you need to know to finish the main plot and uncover all its secrets. Except walkthrough off all main and side quests, you will find here guidelines for raids and boss fights. We allso remember about secrets.

The guide for Destiny 2 focuses on describing the game from a perspective of developing a character as well as the game's rules. This means that you can find class and possible subclass descriptions but also information about strategies for particular enemies. Also, the guide offers important advices for developing a character - you can learn how to get levels and increase your Power fast. You can also find descriptions for other features such as equipment and its modifications, information and tips for available game modes and activities. Lastly, you can learn about achievements/trophies and read short tips for the campaign mode.

Destiny 2 is a sequel to Destiny released in 2014. The plot focuses on a futuristic universe and a multiracial fight with invaders from space. The heroes can use both classic (kinetic) weapons and those that use specific powers such as fusion rifles. Besides the main campaign, which can be completed in a dozen hours, players can join together in a multiplayer cooperation mode and complete various missions or fight against each other on arenas in 1vs1 or team based modes.

Destiny 2 guide contains:

  • Descriptions dedicated to fights and character development,
  • Tips for quickly developing your character,
  • Information about equipment and available activities,
  • A short description of the campaign
  • List of all achievements/trophies.

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Destiny 2 Video Game

Destiny 2
  • genre: Action

  • developer: Bungie Software
  • publisher: Activision Blizzard
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

Destiny 2 is a sequel to the highly popular multiplayer FPP shooter published by Activision Blizzard. It was developed by Bungie Software, with the aid of Vicarious Visions. For the first time in the history of the series, Destiny 2 was also published on PC. The game introduced many improvements in comparison with Destiny, with a richer story leading them. The plot plays a bigger part in the game than before.

Game introduces many gameplay changes and improvements. Bungie took to heart the feedback from the community of the original game, especially concerning the design of the planets. This time, along with the rather empty spaces and locations, we will find enormous metropolises; the wastelands, on ther other hand, are filled with enemies and, like in many other open world games, checkpoints that just wait to be taken over by us. Leaving the 7th generation of consoles behind allowed the developers to spread their wings and make the locations even bigger. Among them, Saturn stands out the most. It is bigger than the entire Destiny. Though the already known planets will be available in the game, they will be made available for the players some time after the launch.

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