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Demon's Souls Remake Guide

Demon's Souls Remake Guide

Save Boletaria, again Demons Souls (PS5) guide contains a complete walkthrough, beginer's guide, best tips for all boss fights, hero, weapons, bosses' souls, exploration and trade. We describe all lands, character classes and trophies.

The following guide contains a complete breakdown of Demon's Souls Remake. You will learn all the basic and advanced mechanics to complete this very demanding production by From Software. The guide will help you successfully complete the game and pay attention to the most important secrets. The material is intended primarily for beginners and intermediate fans of the game, however, old veterans will also find something of interest.

One of the most important parts of the guide is a complete walkthrough description, divided into separate areas. You will learn how to go through all the lands, how to deal with given opponents and where to find things of value. Our guide includes all boss fights - we inform you about the location of bosses, their basic attacks, weaknesses, and also show you how to defeat a given boss in different ways, depending on whether you prefer close combat, fighting from a distance, or for example, playing as a magician.

The second, equally important part of the guide is the extensive section including the answers to the most frequently asked questions, i.e. FAQ. Among other things, you will find information there on how to trade with other players, how miracles differ from magic, what can be done with the bosses' souls, and what to consider when choosing weapons.

In the Demon's Souls guide, you will also find details of the game's main elements. Among other things, we have described all initial character classes, character's conditions, and the world tendencies.

Demon's Souls Remake: Quick beginners' tips

Below are some of the most important tips for people starting their adventure with Demon's Souls Remake:

  1. It's always worth having a shield at the ready! Especially when you're traversing a location you haven't explored yet. The shield will reduce the risk of getting injured in an ambush.
  2. Spend the souls you've earned on the regular basis. If you die, your character's souls will perish. There is a chance to get them back, by reaching the place where you died. Keep in mind, though, that since you died here, it's gonna be hard to get them back, too.
  3. Use the storage box to store less useful items. Each item you take a has a bit of weight to it, and your character has an inventory capacity limit and thus can not collect all the items indefinitely.
  4. Ambush opponents from behind to backstab them. This is one of the stronger attacks, which can take a very large amount of opponent's health. You can perform it when you approach the opponent from behind by pressing R1.
  5. Quick dodges are possible when your inventory weight capacity is not more than 50%. If your gear is more than 50% of your capacity, then your dodges will be very slow.

More tips can be found on a separate page of our guide: Beginner's tips.

Demon's Souls remake: Platforms - what hardware do I need to play?

Demon's Souls Remake is currently available exclusively on PS5. At the moment it is not known if and when this game will appear on other platforms.

Demon's Souls Remake: English version

1 - Demons Souls Remake game guide


Demon's Souls remake: Bonfires - do they exist?

W Demon's Souls Remake there is no such thing as a bonfire, or a form of checkpoints known from at least Dark Souls series - Demons Souls Remake game guide

W Demon's Souls Remake there is no such thing as a bonfire, or a form of checkpoints known from at least Dark Souls series. Instead, there are checkpoints that appear only when you defeat a particular boss in a particular location. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be careful not to die, since most of the location you will have to go from the moment when the nail is located.

About Demon's Souls Remake Guide

Author : Dawid "DavideLi" Lubczynski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : June 17, 2021

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Demon's Souls Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Bluepoint Games
  • publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PS5

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