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Deep Rock Galactic Guide by

Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Table of Contents

Deep Rock Galactic: End game content - how long to reach? Deep Rock Galactic guide, tips

In this chapter of our guide we provide information on how much time you have to spend in order to reach the end game content available in Deep Rock Galactic and how you may speed up this process.

We can assume that the end game phase in Deep Rock Galactic starts when you level up of the rank a specific character for the very first time. At this particular moment you can get access to unique game content: Deep Dives, The Forge, Machine Events, Honor Badges. This is also when the hunt for unique cosmetic items and Overclocks for weapons begins, which further enhance the combat capabilities of the dwarves.

In order to advance the rank of a dwarf, you will first have to gain the maximum level of the character (which is 25) and collect a substantial amount of credits and rare resources - Deep Rock Galactic: End game content - how long to reach? - Basics - Deep Rock Galactic Guide

In order to advance the rank of a dwarf, you will first have to gain the maximum level of the character (which is 25) and collect a substantial amount of credits and rare resources. Therefore you will have to devote some time to play the game. By following a few simple rules below you can reach the end game content in Deep Rock Galactic in just over 20 hours. After this time, you will have one character that was advanced to the higher rank. This character will have all possible weapon mods, Bosco drone, a set of secondary weapons, a few Overclocks and an impressive collection of cosmetic items in wardrobe.

  1. If you're just starting your adventure in Deep Rock Galactic, it's best to focus on one character and try to level it up to the maximum level. This will allow you to unlock the end game content as soon as possible.
  2. Take part in missions on high hazard level (Hazard 2, Hazard 3 or Hazard 4). By doing so you will gain a huge bonus of 50% to 100% experience points at the end of the mission;
  3. Cooperate with your team because you may be kicked out of the server (in case you are not a host) if you make it difficult for other players to play. You may lose valuable time as well as the chance to complete a mission with a good result;
  4. Every 30 minutes the Mission Terminal changes the availability of Hoxxes IV regions including all missions with anomalies and warnings. Always search for missions with the Double XP anomaly. By combining this anomaly with an appropriate level of hazard, you can get as much as 30,000 experience points per game;
  5. Avoid difficult and troublesome warnings like Low Oxygen, Haunted Cave, Lethal Enemies (especially at the highest hazard level);
  6. Collect all minerals and resources you come across during a mission. Not only does this affect the amount of experience points that you will collect as a mining bonus, but it can also be useful for modifying the equipment and leveling up a character;
  7. If you are on a mission with a Mineral Mania anomaly, it is worth taking some time to complete it. Such missions have much richer deposits of rare minerals;
  8. Modify your equipment whenever possible. Better equipment will enable you to fight aliens more effectively and explore underground complexes, especially at higher levels of hazard;
  9. At first, don't spend your hard-earned credits and raw materials on cosmetic items - save them for necessary equipment modifications and the Bosco drone;
  10. If you don't have specific tasks to complete from Assignment Terminal, then choose those missions that can be completed quickly - Egg Hunt, Elimination;
  11. Complete Milestones and earn Perk Points whenever possible and try to distribute these points to buy those Perks that will be useful to any character class in case you want to change your character later: Iron Will, Field Medic, Beast Master, Born Ready and of course New Passive Perk Slot;
  12. In the Abyss Bar you can unlock and buy rare types of beers that may be useful during your mission. Particularly useful beverages are Red Rock Blaster, Rocky Mountain and Slayer Stout;
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