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Deep Rock Galactic Guide by

Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Table of Contents

Deep Rock Galactic: Starting tips Deep Rock Galactic guide, tips

This chapter of the Deep Rock Galactic guide contains many general tips that can come in handy during gameplay and will help you with character development as well as resource gathering.

Deep Rock Galactic is a quite unique game, differing much from the standard first-person shooters. You need to cooperate with your team, use various types of weapons, gather minerals and other resources, as well as repel alien attacks all the while avoiding getting killed. The player lands on Hoxxes IV, a hostile planet divided into a few continents, each offering different atmosphere, biome, as well as flora, which sometimes works to the player's advantage, but mostly makes survival difficult. Working at Deep Rock Corporation means fighting for survival! This chapter contains many basic tips that can help the player improve his performance and allow faster character development. The aforementioned tips are dedicated to new players who are just beginning their adventure with the game from Ghost Ship Games.

  1. Use the scanner - the scanner in Deep Rock Galactic is the main navigation tool (accessible after pressing TAB or M on the keyboard). The scanner screen enables you to see the cave in 3D, with visible paths leading to further objectives and locations of treasures. Remember that you can zoom the scanner map in or out.
  2. Make use of laser pointer - this is a very useful tool (accessed by pressing left CTRL) that allows you to mark enemies, items, resources, or other targets so that they are visible to the whole team. After using the pointer, the locations of other team members, as well as M.U.L.E. robots, resource gathering stations, evacuation ships, the current amount of available resources become visible. In case of single player gameplay, the laser pointer is also used to send orders to the Bosco robot.
  3. Maintain contact with your team - Deep Rock Galactic features both voice chat and traditional dialog window. Using these tools makes the gameplay easier and helps to coordinate your efforts.
  4. Gather all resources that appear on your way - in Deep Rock Galactic, resources allow you to upgrade equipment and promote your characters, as well as buy drinks in Abyss bar, acquire beer license and unlock Overclocks. If you want to seriously develop your character, you need huge amounts of resources.
  5. Fighting Aliens - when fighting aliens, stay mobile to avoid being surrounded by a swarm of opponents. This is especially important at higher difficulty levels, where alien swarms consist of very large numbers of enemies;
  6. Friendly Fire - in Deep Rock Galactic, friendly fire is on! This means that your weapons, grenades, mines, and other offensive equipment can hurt your allies. This should be kept in mind especially when fighting on a small arena;
  7. Save ammo - ammo in Deep Rock Galactic is a valuable resource, which unfortunately runs out very quickly, especially at higher difficulty levels. To replenish ammunition, you need to gather Nitra. 80 units of this mineral allows you to summon one supply capsule;
  8. Aim for weak points - every opponent in Deep Rock Galactic has a weak point. Hitting such a point will cause the most damage, enabling you to quickly eliminate the target and save some ammunition. Smaller aliens have a vulnerable spot on their heads, while stronger ones have one on their backs, in the form of a glowing area.
  9. Gunner's Zipline Launcher - after connecting the zipline, the players can freely dangle above the ground and move forward and backward, eliminating opponents underneath without any risk. However, watch out for Macteras, which hover in the air and can hurt or even throw the character down from the zipline.
  10. Shortage of resources - if you don't have the resources to upgrade equipment or make extra items in the forge, look for servers with additional anomalies, like Mineral Mania. Missions with this anomaly will provide you with a massive injection of raw materials and other resources;
  11. Fast leveling - if you want to gain experience points quickly, find servers with double XP anomaly. Missions with this anomaly will give you double the number of experience points after completing the task;
  12. Be careful where you stand - try not to stand in the designated location of the arriving supply pod. A direct encounter with the capsule ends with the character being knocked down;
  13. Climbing - dwarves can climb platforms, rocks, crystals or other elevations. All you have to do is to make a short run-up, jump towards an obstacle, and hold the jump button. The character grabs the edge of the obstacle and climbs it.
  14. Perks - for completing the missions and scoring the so-called milestones, the players receive points that can be spent on perks - additional active and passive skills that increase each miner's abilities. At first you can have one passive and active perk, but after a while you will be able to unlock up to 3 passive and 2 active perk slots;
  15. Pay attention to your surroundings - not all the resources and items appearing in Deep Rock Galactic are visible at first glance. The resources such as Bittergem, Compressed Gold, Enor Pearl, ERR://23cY%/ or Jadiz are hidden inside the walls and vaults of caves. You can locate them easily as they appear as glowing crystals of a particular color. By digging in such a location, the player will gain additional valuable resources needed to upgrade equipment;
  16. Abyss Bar - the space station has a bar where a robot waiter serves various beers. Some of them can strengthen your character and, for example, increase your health by 30%, make you crack rocks with one blow, and gain other abilities;
  17. Missions - missions in Deep Rock Galactic may have different objectives - extract the right amount of Morkite, gather the required number of alien eggs, eliminate Dreadnoughts, or excavate valuable Aquarq crystals. Moreover, each mission has an optional objective associated with collecting a specific resource for which additional experience points and credits can be earned. To learn more about missions appearing in Deep Rock Galactic, visit the dedicated chapter.
  18. Assignment Missions - after first entering the game, the player receives the first Assignment Mission, which is a series of special tasks that must be completed in order to unlock all types of missions available in the game. You can use the opportunity and get a lot of extra credits, resources, and experience points.
  19. Difficulty level - the difficulty level in Deep Rock Galactic affects the amount of credits, resources and experience points the player will earn after successfully completing a mission. At first, focus on completing missions at the lowest difficulty level to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics and characters. Over time, you can move to higher levels of difficulty;
  20. Cross-platform - Deep Rock Galactic supports cross-platform only for Xbox One and Windows 10 versions purchased from the Microsoft Store. Those who own the game on the Steam platform will not be able to play with people who have purchased the Xbox One / Windows 10 version;
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