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Deep Rock Galactic Guide by

Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Table of Contents

Deep Rock Galactic: Mission types Deep Rock Galactic guide, tips

From this chapter of our guide you can find out what types of missions are available in Deep Rock Galactic.

Missions are actually the main form of gameplay in Deep Rock Galactic. All missions are accessible from the mission select terminal, which is located in the main part of the space station, right in the middle, so you can't miss it. Once the terminal is activated, player has to choose the planetary region and then the type of mission he or she wants to complete.

Missions marked with the padlock symbol are temporarily unavailable and must be unlocked by performing subsequent tasks - Deep Rock Galactic: Mission types - General information - Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Missions marked with the padlock symbol are temporarily unavailable and must be unlocked by performing subsequent tasks. Each of the available missions was appropriately flagged and described in terms of duration and level of difficulty. For completing a mission you will receive experience points and credits. Furthermore, all raw materials collected during the mission are deposited into the player's pocket once the mission was completed and can be used to upgrade items or weapons.

There are currently five types of missions in Deep Rock Galactic, each of which differs from one another in terms of the main objective that has to be completed. Caves generated for specific missions can also vary in structure, quantity and variety of raw materials, and types of enemies (aliens). Types of missions available in Deep Rock Galactic have been described below:

  1. Mining Expeditions - excavation and gathering resources missions;
  2. Egg Hunts - you have to hunt for alien eggs;
  3. Salvage Operation - recovery of abandoned M. U. L. E. robots;
  4. Point Extraction - collecting Aquarq crystals;
  5. Elimination - the hunt for Dreadnoughts.

Access to all the missions in Deep Rock Galactic can be unlocked by completing a number of special tasks called Assignment Missions.

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