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Deep Rock Galactic Guide by

Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Table of Contents

Deep Rock Galactic: Engineer - main weapon Deep Rock Galactic guide, tips

Engineer's main weapon Warthog Auto 210 and Stubby Voltaic SMG - tips, description

Engineer's primary main weapon is Warthog Auto 210. However, upon reaching level 10, he also gains access to an alternate main weapon, Stubby Voltaic SMG. The first weapon is a semi-automatic shotgun, which performs well at close range. Stubby Voltaic SMG has high rate of fire but it doesn't cause too much damage. However, it has the ability to shock enemies and slow them down for a short time.

Warthog Auto 210

Warthog Auto 210 is the Engineer's main weapon - this semi-automatic shotgun fires projectiles that turn into multiple shrapnels severely injuring opponents. At a very close distance, the Warthog Auto 210 is excellent for eliminating minor opponents, as you can take down the enemy with just one shot.

Unfortunately, the Warthog Auto 210 doesnt perform as well against more serious opponents, such as the Praetorians - Deep Rock Galactic: Engineer - main weapon - Engineer - Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Unfortunately, the Warthog Auto 210 doesn't perform as well against more serious opponents, such as the Praetorians. Fortunately, with the right modifications and Overclocks, you can make it a truly terrifying weapon that will do well in any possible situation.

Suggested Warthog Auto 210 modifications:

  1. Tier 1 - Supercharged Feed Mechanism;
  2. Tier 2 - Loaded Shells;
  3. Tier 3 - High Capacity Magazine;
  4. Tier 4 - Bigger Pellets;
  5. Tier 5 - Miner Adjustment.

Suggested Warthog Auto 210 Overclocks:

  1. Clean - Light-Weight Magazines;
  2. Unstable - Mini Shells.

Stubby Voltaic SMG

Upon reaching level 10, The Engineer can unlock an alternative main weapon, Stubby Voltaic SMG. As the name suggests, the Stubby is a submachine gun (SMG) that has a very high rate of fire, but suffers from high recoil and short range. What's more, the damage done by Stubby Voltaic SMG isn't too high either.

What makes the Stubby Voltaic SMG a unique weapon is that when it hits a target, each projectile has a 20% chance of electrocuting the enemy, which causes extra damage and slows it down.

Suggested Stubby Voltaic SMG modifications:

  1. Tier 1 - Increased Caliber Rounds;
  2. Tier 2 - Floating Barrel;
  3. Tier 3 - High Velocity Rounds;
  4. Tier 4 - Overcharged Rounds;
  5. Tier 5 - Conductive Bullets.

Suggested Stubby Voltaic SMG Overclocks:

  1. Clean - Super-Slim Rounds;
  2. Balanced - Light-Weight Rounds.
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