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Deathloop Guide

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Deathloop: Character development Deathloop guide, walkthrough

This Deathloop tutorial page explains if it's possible to evolve your character and how the process works to increase your character's combat abilities.

Last update: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

This page of the Deathloop game guide contains key information on developing the playable characters - Colt and Julianna. You will learn whether it's possible to increase the stats of the characters and how to eliminate opponents more effectively.

Developing Colt

In Deathloop, you don't gain XP or level up - Deathloop: Character development - Basics - Deathloop Guide

In Deathloop, you don't gain XP or level up. This method can't be used to develop Colt. His base stats, including his health bar, remain unchanged throughout the game.

You can upgrade your character in this game by upgrading their equipment. Try to focus on the following:

  1. Finding and using better quality weapons - You can find our weapon recommendations on the Best Weapons page. It's a good idea to obtain 1-2 great weapons as soon as possible to get more use out of them.
  2. Installing trinkets (upgrades) in your weapons - If possible, try to use high-quality trinkets, i.e. purple. Also, make sure to install them in weapons which they will complement.
  3. Installing character trinkets - At a given time, you can insert 4 trinkets of this type in active slots. They can add completely new features (e.g. double jump) or improve selected stats of the character (e.g. increased health recovery speed). Once again, your goal is to find good blue or purple items.
  4. Finding and using slabs (supernatural abilities) - The only permanent ability is Reprise. You are free to choose which two other abilities you wish to place in the active slots. We advise you to unlock the slabs as soon as possible so that you can select the abilities that will be the most useful during specific mission objectives.
  5. Installing slab upgrades - They can improve selected characteristics of supernatural abilities or add completely new features (e.g. the ability to suspend your opponent in the air while using Karnesis). You should adjust them to your current needs.

Note - Don't forget about using residuum to permanently save newly acquired equipment items. Only then will you be able to bring them with you to the following loops and use them in the future.

Developing Julianna

1 - Deathloop: Character development - Basics - Deathloop Guide
  1. When it comes to Julianna, she can be developed similarly to Colt - you can increase the character's combat abilities by equipping her with new items. This means that, while invading other players, you should acquire new weapons and abilities that will increase your chances of success.
  2. The Hunter Rank system was made with Julianna in mind. You start at level 1 and you can gradually advance to the next level by achieving various feats. This is an additional incentive to spend more time playing online.
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