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Deathloop Guide

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Deathloop: Game length Deathloop guide, walkthrough

This tutorial page tells you how long it takes to play Deathloop. We explain how long the main story is and how much extra content the game has.

Last update: Monday, September 13, 2021

This page of the guide explains how long it takes to beat Deathloop. Here, you can read about the length of the main storyline , optional game content (side quests, exploration, collectibles) and about what you need to do in order to complete 100% of Deathloop and get the platinum trophy.

1 - Deathloop: Game length - Appendix - Deathloop Guide
  1. Completing the main storyline in Deathloop should take you about 15-20 hours. This assumes that you will spend some time exploring the districts and the assassination variants of the main mission targets, and that you won't use the walkthrough right away to deal with more complex puzzles. The game can be completed a little faster if you immediately focus on the Visionary Leads (the equivalent of the main missions), although you need to be aware that eliminating the antagonists will gradually increase the difficulty level of the game. As a result, you may have trouble surviving in the later stages of the campaign, so it's good to devote some time to gaining permanent better equipment and powers.
  2. You can discover the entire campaign during a single playthrough because it doesn't feature any choices. Deathloop has more than 1 ending but you choose the ending only in the very finale of the game, and you can repeat the last mission to change the decision. Thus, the game doesn't have a huge replay value if you are interested in the main plot.
  3. Deathloop offers a lot of optional content. Most importantly, you can explore the main districts of Blackreef Island, and their attractions also change depending on the selected time of day (e.g. morning or evening). There are numerous puzzles to solve and numerous clues to discover (the secrets include e.g. documents and audio recordings). There are also the Arsenal Leads - larger tasks which allow you to unlock Residuum and obtain new equipment - unique weapons and superpower tablets. Discovering and exploring the additional game content can increase the total game length by up to several more hours.
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