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Deathloop: Best powers - which ones? Deathloop guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Deathloop game guide, you will find a summary of the best powers available in the game. You will find out about the most useful abilities in Deathloop and when it is best to use them.

Note - the powers list is in progress. It will be updated after the game's premiere.


One of the powers you will use as often as possible - Deathloop: Best powers - Deathloop game guide

One of the powers you will use as often as possible. Karnesis allows you to push back attacked opponents. What's important, you can choose the direction in which you will push a given opponent. That opens up a lot of opportunities. One of the most helpful is deliberately throwing enemies into the abyss to kill them.


It's best to use this power regularly. It allows you to teleport short distances, and it's very similar to the Blink power known from the Dishonored game series.

The shift can be useful for reaching inaccessible places, for example, on high shelves or roofs of buildings. This can make it easier for Colt to sneak past enemies, allow him to find alternative passages, or allow him to perform more effective surprise attacks.

You can also use it, for example, to quickly approach an opponent to defeat him at close range (in open combat or assassination) or to move between covers.


This power greatly affects efficiency. Reprise allows you to save the Colt from death and from restarting the cycle. Having unlocked this power, the main character doesn't have to die when his health drops to zero. The Reprise reverses time and can bring Colt to his previous state and allow him to repeat the scene in which he died earlier (or completely skip it).

The described power can be used twice before the final death of the main character, which restarts the cycle.


It's a very useful power for sneaking because it turns on the camouflage, making the character temporarily invisible. The most obvious way to use it is to sneak through locations with enemies you don't necessarily want to fight. However, invisibility can also be useful, for example, for planning ambushes or stealing intelligence without the risk of detection.


This power forces you to show some creativity, and using it correctly can facilitate progress - Deathloop: Best powers - Deathloop game guide

This power forces you to show some creativity, and using it correctly can facilitate progress. The effect of this ability is binding your opponents by creating energetic streams between them. All connected enemies will react in the same way when receiving damage or status. For example, killing an opponent will automatically kill all other enemies connected to him. It might be a good way to get rid of a group of opponents.

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