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Deathloop: Singleplayer - is it in the game? Deathloop guide, walkthrough

This page answers the question is it possible in Deathloop to play in singleplayer mode. This can be important knowledge for people who do not want to participate in online battles with other players.

1 - Deathloop: singleplayer - is it in the game? - Annex - Deathloop game guide
  1. As a reminder, Deathloop revolves around the characters of two assassins trapped on an island with an active time loop. Colt in subsequent cycles tries to eliminate important targets and get out of the time loop, while Julianna actively hunts for the mentioned man, treating it as entertainment. This topic is described in more detail on a separate page Colt and Julianna - playable characters.
  2. Deathloop by default, is a a single-player production. Playing as Colt, you have to single-handedly reach the next locations on the island and make attempts to eliminate important targets (there are a total of 8 different people to kill). There is no co-op mode in the game and at no point do you collaborate with another character. Colt is on his own and has his own weapons and powers.
  3. During the game, Colt can be attacked by another player controlling Julianna. It is very clearly inspired by the invasions from games in the Dark Souls series. It is possible to take control of Julianna in order to "enter" the world of another player and start hunting him, making it difficult for him to fulfill the objectives of the mission and trying to get rid of him in order to restart the cycle.
  4. Being "harassed" by other living players is a completely optional mechanic. The game allows you to disable this online element and make Deathloop 100% offline. However, it should be noted that Julianna can still appear and will be alternatively controlled by artificial intelligence. The "ban" for other players on the possibility of entering the ongoing campaign does not significantly reduce the level of difficulty, because Julianna controlled by SI can still attack at unexpected moments and interfere with the elimination of the main objectives of the mission. This is a unique feature of Deathloop. You just have to come to terms with it and accept it - in the game you can't predict everything and the appearance of Julianna always introduces a bit of chaos on the battlefield.
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