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Deathloop Guide

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Deathloop: Combat & Stealth Deathloop guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Deathloop guide there are key information on combat and stealth. They will allow you to more effectively eliminate enemies and stay hidden in situations where direct confrontation is not advisable.

Open confrontations

1 - Deathloop: combat and stealth - Basics - Deathloop game guide
  1. In Deathloop combat occurs much more often than, for example, in Dishonored. You need to be aware of this and not treat direct confrontation as an element to be avoided at all costs. Combat is obviously a risk, because if the hero is killed by the opponents, then the cycle will end and you will have to start the fight again in the next time loop. It is worth remembering this especially if the hero is injured or if there is a large group of strong opponents in a given location-attacking them can end badly.
  2. In combat, you mostly use firearms. You can find different weapons and in addition to the classic rifles, some of them can have a unique effect. The best weapons are best saved for more difficult fights. What's interesting, there is a chance to transfer the acquired weapons to the next cycle just to make it easier.
  3. Heroes can also use melee weapons which can be useful for winning close combat, as well as for eliminating single enemies without having to alarm the entire area.
  4. Protagonist's supernatural powers can also help in combat. An excellent example of this is telekinesis, with which you can, for example, push opponents back. This power works perfectly in locations where you can easily use telekinesis to push enemies into the abyss and get rid of them faster. New powers are gained as the game progresses and in this case there is also a chance to transfer the powers to the next cycle.
  5. Julianna poses much more threat than the usual enemies. As a reminder, she can be controlled by another player or artificial intelligence. Julianna has a similar skill set to Colt, as a result of which the fight can be leveled or even give the woman an advantage if she manages to correctly attack by surprise. You must always be ready to repel a possible attack from her side (her appearance is signaled by a characteristic sound), which, unlike clashes with "normal" opponents, can occur at the least expected moment.

Covert action

2 - Deathloop: combat and stealth - Basics - Deathloop game guide
  1. Deathloop lets you sneak and it's a good way to get through hostile locations without incurring the unnecessary risk of open confrontations. Unfortunately, staying hidden can be more difficult near the main targets, who are obviously more closely guarded.
  2. The power of teleportation is very helpful in sneaking which has similar uses as in the Dishonored series. For example, you can move safely to the next cover or teleport to the roof or a higher shelf in order to avoid enemies more easily.
  3. In Deathloop silent executions are possible and effective. They can come in different varieties - for example, you can classically sneak up on the enemy from behind, use a silent weapon to eliminate him without alerting the rest of the guards or jump on the enemy from the roof or high ledge.
  4. Colt can temporarily become invisible, and this becomes possible only after acquiring the power of Aether. Camouflage can have a variety of uses - you can use it, for example, to completely bypass enemies or when planning quiet kills.
  5. Hacking can also help you avoid open confrontations. The game allows you, among other, to hack turrets, which are then able to start shooting the enemies without incurring the risk of receiving damage.
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