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Deathloop: Death & Respawn Deathloop guide, walkthrough

On this page of the guide you will find the answer to the question what are the consequences of the death of the main character of Deathloop - Colt.. We also explain whether the next approach to the campaign requires you to start the game completely from scratch.

The most important information about what cycles are in the game world can be found on a separate page of the guide titled Time loops. The following information, in turn, concerns only the topic of death and "resurrection" of the protagonist.

1 - Deathloop: death and respawn - Basics - Deathloop game guide
  1. In Deathloop, the death of the main character has slightly different consequences from other productions of the genre of action games. When you die, you don't get the option to load the last checkpoint in order, for example, to be able to repeat the fight that led to the death of the controlled character. Instead the cycle is restarted, i.e. a new time loop begins and you have to start again to hunt for the objectives of the mission. It is similar mechanics e.g. to the game Returnal.
  2. "Reborn" hero always wakes up on the beach, in the same place where you started the game for the first time. However, this does not mean that within the new cycle it is necessary to repeat all the actions that led to previous deaths. It is possible and even advisable to change the tactics of the fight in subsequent attempts for example, by going to another area of the island, changing the route of the march through locations with opponents or setting a different order of killing the main objectives of the mission.
  3. In the game there is a chance to preserve the powers and weapons gained in previous loops. So it is not necessary to count on the fact that Colt will always have to start with basic equipment and a set of abilities. The transferred powers and equipment can clearly make it easier to stay alive in the new cycle.
  4. Colt can unlock a power called Reprise that can keep him from abruptly ending the cycle. It is activated automatically when the entire health bar is depleted and reverses the time, allowing the last sequence to be repeated. The main character can use this ability twice before finally dying and restarting the loop.
  5. In Deathloop there is no maximum limit of respawns, after reaching which the fun will definitely end. You can keep trying, even if it takes you a long time to reach the happy end of the campaign and need to play a large number of cycles.
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