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Deathloop: Time loops Deathloop guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Deathloop guide there is an explanation what are time loops also called cycles. In addition, we explain how loops affect the course of the game.

1 - Deathloop: time loops - Basics - Deathloop game guide
  1. One of the most important features in Deathloop is that the main characters are stuck in a time loop and playing as a Colt (more important among the playable killers) the main motivation will be getting out of the loop so that the cycle stops resetting and that you don't have to repeat the same day again.
  2. The way to end the cycle is killing 8 important people on the same day playing as a Colt. Every time we have 24 hours to complete this task.. The people on the kill list are in 4 different districts and you can try to kill them at different times of the day. If the plan to eliminate the "VIPs" fails or if Colt dies, the loop will be restarted and efforts to get out of the time loop will have to start all over again.
  3. Similar to roguelite games restarting the cycle does not mean restarting the game with zero achievements. In the game, there is primarily a mechanism through which there is a chance to transfer unlocked powers and weapons in order to be able to use them in subsequent cycles and to facilitate further struggle.
  4. An important feature of the time loop is also gaining knowledge about the game world. Colt can find new paths to more efficiently bypass opponents or approach the selected objectives of the mission, as well as influence the environment in such a way as to facilitate further attempts. For example, it is possible to find a way for two of the 8 main targets to meet at the same location, so that they can be eliminated in the future in one joint action.
  5. How effective you will be in gaining information about the island, as well as unlocking new permanent abilities and items of equipment for Colt, will influence the length of the game. If you gain critical intel on mission objectives faster and plan their assassinations more efficiently, you will be able to complete the game faster. Otherwise, it may be necessary to go through more cycles in order to continue to improve failed attempts.
  6. Colt can unlock Reprise power to partially protect him from restarting the cycle too quickly. This ability is able to double back the main character to the state before death and guarantee him additional trials. Only after both reprise power loads are exhausted will the next death be tantamount to starting a new loop.
  7. The theme of the time loop does not play such a big role when playing as Julianna. As a reminder, the assassin always wants to hunt Colt (controlled by another player). The woman is not actively trying to get out of the prison of the time loop.
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