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Dead Cells Game Guide by

Dead Cells Game Guide

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Things you shouldn't do | How to start? Dead Cells Guide

This chapter of our guide feature some of the things you shouldn't do or forget when playing this game.

Don't rush

Notice the fact that initially the game doesn't rush you. Admittedly, there is a timer in the lower right corner of the screen, but you can, and should, spend about a dozen runs on familiarizing yourself with the level layout, enemies, and game mechanics. Know your game before you begin a serious run. Only then you can start worrying about time. Haste is rewarding because some level sections and doors will close automatically if you don't reach them within a specified time.

Be dilligent when exploring locations and try to remember the number and location of enemies before you battle them. Knowing their attack patterns will help you choose the right strategy to deal with them, and observing their behaviour may help you plan your moves to deal with the threat without loosing much health. Remeber about grenade cooldown. If, however, you're not aiming at a specific timed door you can simply wait until your resources are replenished, or even use a whole bunch of grenades on an enemy group before you proceed to engage them yourself.

Don't forget about the map

In this case I mean the main location map, not its smaller version, which you may seen in the upper right corner - Things you shouldnt do | How to start? - How to start? - Dead Cells Game Guide

In this case I mean the main location map, not its smaller version, which you may seen in the upper right corner. The full map features essential information - items, transitions to subsequent locations or teleports. Often, in the heat of battle, you'll miss and leave behind a treasure. It's always good to check with the map, whether you haven't missed anything important before you proceed.

Don't ignore item descriptions

Most of the equipment in the game features passive skills in addition to active ones; some of the former are bound to the protagonist and it's enough to have the required item in your inventory to be able to benefit from its helpful effects. If you ignore them, you may find yourself, for example, with a seemingly very powerful item that, unfortunately, makes you take twice the damage from your enemies.

Don't play around with the curse

While opening cursed chests is justified, as for the price of killing 10 enemies without getting hit you may get some pretty nice loot, if you see a seal protecting a single item you should probably leave it alone. If the item's something you really, really want, try to clear the area and collect the required amount of money first. As a last resort, you can try breaking such a seal only when you can instantly teleport to another location. Leave your cells with the resident NPC, return to the new area and try to break the curse then. Remember that a multiple curse requires you to defeat an increased amount of enemies without getting hit.

Don't underestimate your enemies

If you're far into the game and see a mob you've encountered in the initial level, you may easily take it for granted. It's a mistake that may cost you your run. Enemies in Dead Cells are scaled, and although they may look the same, higher difficulty levels will give them more health and more attack power. Jumping in the middle of a swarm of enemies that *seem* to be easy pickings will often result in death.

Don't jump into dirty water

Most waters in Dead Cells are poisonous and put a poisoned debuff on your character. You have to spend at least 1 second in the water to get the debuff, so if you plan on crossing waters do it fast and by jumping. Poisoning in Dead Cells results in a very quick health loss in a short period of time. 1 HP may really make a difference here.

Don't smash golden door

Golden door in Dead Cells are the door that require money to be opened. Golden door often hides new weapons or tools, usually very powerful and useful. You can simply pay the required amount and be done with it, but if you smash them, a very powerful curse will be put on your character. Yes, you will get your powerful item, but you'll also have to defeat several dozens of enemies without getting even scratched. Even the weakest enemy attack will result in instant death, and you can kiss your sweet item goodbye. Long story short: smash the golden door only when you think you've mastered attacking and evasion.

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