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Dead Space Remake Guide

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Dead Space Remake: Accessibility Features Dead Space Remake guide

This page of the guide to Dead Space lists the most important accessibility options. We inform you what features have been prepared for people with disabilities (including color-blind mode, subtitles, targeting assistance, menu narration).

Last update: Friday, February 3, 2023

As most modern-day titles, Dead Space Remake offers Accessibility Features, especially useful for the disabled. On this page of our guide, we list the most important options from this menu. We also inform of the options' effect on the gameplay and how exactly they make the game more available for people with disabilities.

All accessibility options can be found in a separate tab of the game's menu - Accessibility - Dead Space Remake: Accessibility Features - Appendix - Dead Space Remake Guide

All accessibility options can be found in a separate tab of the game's menu - Accessibility . The most important of them are:

  1. Menu Narration - highlighted menu items can be read aloud a speaker. This option is disabled by default.
  2. Color Blind Mode - this option is disabled by default. You can choose one of its variants depending on the type of disability. You can also adjust the contrast.
  3. Minigames (QTE) - Single Press Quick Time Events - This option makes it easier to complete QTE scenes. From now on, a single press of the button is enough.
  4. Sprint Toggle Mode - This option allows you to toggle sprint on and off by pressing L3. The option is enabled by default.
  5. Aim Toggle Mode - thanks to this option, you don't have to hold down the aiming button, e.g. while using a weapon. From now on, aiming is toggled rather than activated by holding the button.
  6. Aim Assistance - a complex aim assist option. Aside from activating it, you can customize e.g. how strong the crosshair sticks to targets.
  7. Subtitles - aside from a simple on/off, you can customize them. The available options are, for example, choosing the background of subtitles, font size, or displaying the name of the current speaker.
  8. Camera Shake - This effect is active by default and is evident, for example, when sprinting or taking damage. You can turn it off if it causes you discomfort.
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