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Dead Space Remake Guide by

Dead Space Remake Guide

Table of Contents

Dead Space Remake: List of all collectibles Dead Space Remake guide

This page of the guide compiles the most important secrets and finds of the Dead Space Remake game - these include equipment item diagrams, RIG suits, Sign fragments, Peng treasure, text and audio logs, weapon upgrades, RIG logs and new weapons.

Last update: Friday, February 3, 2023

In Dead Space Remake there are different types of secrets and collectibles . This page of the guide contains a complete list of them, which should help you locate 100% of the available collectibles. Aside from the list, we supply the locations of where they are found, among the listed, we have weapons and their upgrades, item schematics, RIGs, Marker fragments, text logs, audio logs and RIGLinks.

Collectibles from the story chapters

  1. Chapter 1 - in Chapter 1 (New Arrivals), you can find, among others, equipment, RIGlinks, and logs.
  2. Chapter 2 - in Intensive Care, you can find, among others, weapon upgrades, schematics, and logs.
  3. Chapter 3 - in Chapter 3 (Course Correction), there are, among others, new weapons, schematics, and logs to find.
  4. Chapter 4 - in Chapter 4 (Obliteration Imminent) you can find, among others, weapon upgrades, schematics, and various types of logs.
  5. Chapter 5 - this chapter (Lethal Devotion) contains collectibles of various types, such as weapons, schematics, and 2 types of logs.
  6. Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 (Environmental Cataclysm) contains the following types of collectibles: weapon upgrades, RIGlinks, and logs.
  7. Chapter 7 - in Chapter 7 (Into The Void) you can find, among others, Suit upgrades, RIGlinks, and logs.
  8. Chapter 8 - in Chapter 8 (Search and Rescue) you can find, among others, weapon upgrades, and audio and text logs.
  9. Chapter 9 - this chapter (Dead on Arrival) contains collectibles of various types, such as schematics, and some text logs.
  10. Chapter 10 - among the collectibles found in this chapter, we have logs, RIG schematic, and a weapon upgrade.
  11. Chapter 11 - among the collectibles found in this chapter, we have the Force Gun weapon upgrade.
  12. Chapter 12 - in the final chapter, you can collect a few different text logs.

Categories of secrets and collectibles

  1. Suits - on this page, we show how to upgrade Suit to higher levels (from level 2 to 6). New levels increase Isaac's armor and offer additional inventory slots.
  2. Peng's Treasure - this is a unique collectible appearing only in Chapter 11. We also inform whether you can sell it for credits.
  3. Marker Fragments - on this page, we show the locations of 12 Marker Fragments, a category of collectibles unique to NG+ playthroughs. We also inform whether collecting them has any effect on the ending .
  4. Schematics - here you can find a list of all 13 Schematics appearing throughout the chapters. We supply their locations and show what kinds of items can be unlocked by delivering them to a shop.
  5. Weapon upgrades - here you can view the list of all 21 weapon upgrades (3 upgrades per weapon). Getting them all will allow you to upgrade all weapons fully.
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