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Dead Space Remake Guide by

Dead Space Remake Guide

Table of Contents
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Dead Space Remake: List of all chapters, walkthrough Dead Space Remake guide

The Dead Space Remake game offers 12 chapters to complete, which we have described in our guide. In addition, you will find out if you can freely revisit completed stages.

Last update: Friday, January 13, 2023

This page of the guide contains a list of all 12 chapters in Dead Space Remake. Most of them take place on the various decks of the USG Ishimura. In addition to the walkthrough, you will also find information whether the game has a Chapter Select option.

All chapters

  1. New Arrivals - the first chapter of the game in which you reach the USG Ishimura. You will learn how to escape, how to get your first weapon, how to use stasis, how to repair the tram and how to run the diagnostics.
  2. Intensive Care - the second chapter of the campaign where Isaac searches for the captain's RIG on the medical deck. You will find out where to find thermite and Shock Pad, how to destroy the barricade and how to defeat the mini-boss - the mutated captain.
  3. Course Correction - the third chapter of the game in which you visit the engineering deck. You will learn how to fill the engines with fuel, how to activate the centrifuge, how to move in zero gravity and how to start the engine manually.
  4. Obliteration Imminent - the fourth chapter of the game in which you visit the captain's bridge. We explain how to meet Hammond, how to activate the elevators, how to defeat the Brute mini-boss, how to navigate through space, how to redirect power to ADS and how to destroy all asteroids.
  5. Lethal Devotion - the fifth chapter of the campaign in which you investigate the chemical lab. You will learn how to create a poison for the Leviathan - find the chemicals, DNA samples and restore the life support system.
  6. Environmental Hazard - the sixth chapter of the game in which you visit the Hydroponics section. We explain how to destroy Poison Pods, how to clear the atmosphere and how to defeat the Leviathan boss.
  7. Into the Void - the seventh chapter of the campaign taking place on the mining deck. You will learn where to find the access key and the SOS beacon, how to destroy the 4 Gravity Tethers, how to attach the beacon and how to launch the asteroid.
  8. Search and Rescue - the eighth chapter of the game about trying to make contact with the USM Valor. You will learn how to repair arrays, how to use the ADS cannon and how to maintain hull integrity.
  9. Dead on Arrival - the ninth chapter of the game taking place on the cargo deck and inside the wreck of the USM Valor. We explain how to remove the radioactive material and how to reach the Singularity Core.
  10. End of Days - the tenth chapter in which you visit the crew deck. You'll learn where to find a crew member's key and navigation cards, how to bypass Block B blockades, and how to repair and release the shuttle.
  11. Alternative Solutions - the eleventh chapter of the campaign takes place on the flight deck. We explain how to move and place the Marker, how to restore gravity in the hangar, and how to pilot the shuttle remotely.
  12. Dead Space - the final twelfth chapter of the game in which you visit the Aegis VII colony. You will learn how to move the loader to the shuttle, how to take the Marker to the pedestal, how to restore power to the bridges, and how to defeat the game's final boss.
  13. Ending - on this page you will find an explanation of the game's finale, as well as information on whether there are alternate endings.

Is there a Chapter Select?

Unfortunately, Dead Space does not allow you to repeat completed stages by selecting them from the main menu. If you finished a chapter too early (e.g. before getting all the collectibles), all you can do is to load an earlier save.

Isaac does not return to most of the visited locations later in the game - they become unavailable for further exploration. One exception to this rule is Ishimura's captain's bridge, which you will explore more than once in the same playthrough. However, returning to the bridge is entirely story-based - you can't just get there whenever you want.

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