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Dead by Daylight Guide by

Dead by Daylight Guide

Table of Contents

Dead by Daylight: The Nurse - perks, powers Dead by Daylight guide, tips

On this page of the guide to DBD you will find a description of the assassin called Nurse. Here you will learn what perks and powers she has. There is also advice on how to play her.

Last update: Monday, October 10, 2022

This page of our DBD guide is dedicated to The Nurse - one of the Killers. Here you can find a description of the perks and powers she possesses.

Basic information

The Nurse is by far the most powerful Killer in DBD. She is characterized by the ability to practically make the rules of the game null.

  1. Name: Sally Smithson
  2. Height: Average
  3. Terror Radius: 32 meters
  4. Movement Speed: 3.8 m/s
  5. Difficulty level: Very difficult
  6. DLC: None, available in the basic version of the game

Powers and perks

The Nurse is an incredibly powerful killer who, in the right hands, can wreak enormous havoc. At the same time, controlling this hero is extremely difficult. Her main power is teleportation. With it, you can close the distance quickly, all the while avoiding all obstacles along the way.

By default, The Nurse has two teleportation charges which means the ability to do two teleportation jumps at once. These are used in a fairly simple way. The first is used to shorten the distance between you and the survivor. The other, on the other hand, allows you to quickly reach their current position and launch an attack.

You must keep in mind, however, that after teleportation you only have a narrow window of time to make another jump or launch an attack,as after both jumps, you need to wait out a cooldown.

When it comes to perks, there are two of them that are viable in specific builds and the skill may require involvement from a different hero than The Nurse.




Stridor - Dead by Daylight: The Nurse - perks, powers - Hunters - Dead by Daylight Guide


The volume of survivors' sounds in critical condition is louder by 25/50/50% and their normal breathing by 0/0/25%.

Thanatophobia - Dead by Daylight: The Nurse - perks, powers - Hunters - Dead by Daylight Guide


For each wounded, all survivors get a 1/1.5/2% penalty to repair, sabotage and cleanse totem speed.

If there are 4 survivors injured then another 12% penalty to speed is awarded.

A Nurse' - Dead by Daylight: The Nurse - perks, powers - Hunters - Dead by Daylight Guide

A Nurse's Calling

You can see the auras of people healing or being treated within a 20/24/28 radius of you.

How to play as nurse?

The basis of playing as a Nurse is mastering teleportation. The Nurse's movement speed is slower than the survivors, so the only chance of reaching them is mastering her main power.

Getting around teleportation requires a lot of practice, as the game doesn't show to what area you teleport to - everything is done by eye. However, there is one add-on - the Plaid Flannel - that allows you to see the place you're jumping to. It is great for learning.

When it comes to playing The Nurse, perks that allow reading survivors' auras are immensely important. With their help, you will be able to track your next target very easily and reach it quickly. Perks that apply "Exposed" status are also a great option.

Exemplary build

When it comes to The Nurse, her potential is so great that creating a build that can do wonders and win the game in even a few minutes is possible. This is mainly because of her ability to detect survivors. Moreover, defeating the first survivor may lead to a landslide and defeating all of them in one go.




Starstruck - Dead by Daylight: The Nurse - perks, powers - Hunters - Dead by Daylight Guide


The perk activates when you carry a survivor. When that happens, those within your Terror Radius receive the Exposed status effect, lasting for 26/28/30 seconds after leaving the range of the spell.

Hooking the survivor deactivates the perk, but the Exposed status lasts for 26/28/30 more seconds.

Awakened Awareness - Dead by Daylight: The Nurse - perks, powers - Hunters - Dead by Daylight Guide

Awakened Awareness

When you carry a survivor, the auras of those within 16/18/20 meters from you are revealed.

Lethal Pursuer - Dead by Daylight: The Nurse - perks, powers - Hunters - Dead by Daylight Guide

Lethal Pursuer

At the beginning of a match, the auras of all survivors are revealed to you for 7/8/9 seconds.

Extends the effect of other perks based on reveal aura by 2 seconds.

Call of Brine - Dead by Daylight: The Nurse - perks, powers - Hunters - Dead by Daylight Guide

Call of Brine

The perk activates when a generator is damaged.

The generator regresses at 150/175/200% of its normal regression speed, and its aura is highlighted in yellow.

Every time a survivor completes a Good Skill Check at this generator, you will get a sound notification.

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