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DayZ Game Guide by

DayZ Game Guide

Table of Contents

3. First day in-game DayZ Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DayZ is a survival game. The most difficult is to live through the first moments in-game, as you don't have any weapons. This chapter will give you advice about what to do to survive first several hours of playing. You'll learn how to deal with zombies. Then you'll be told where you can find basic items to make your life more stable.

Zombies feed on blood. - 3. First day in-game - DayZ - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Zombies feed on blood.

Respawn point

In 0.44 version, respawn points are nearby following cities: Svietlojarsk, Berezino, Solnichniy, Orlovets, Klen, Chernaya Polana. Those cities are mainly on the northern-east of the map. Very important is to recognize where you've respawned. At the beginning it may be troublesome, but it gets easier. You just need to remember something characteristic for each particular city. It may be a building, shape of the shore or some building. Recognizing in-game locations is something that can't be learn from a guide. You have to just learn it by heart when visiting cities. At the beginning, you can also read the city name from the table at the city's border. It wouldn't be difficult if they weren't written in cyrillic alphabet. Below you can find spelling of mentioned above cities:

Spelling of all in-game cities is in Chapter 5 - 3. First day in-game - DayZ - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Spelling of all in-game cities is in Chapter 5.


In DayZ: Standalone, the most difficult is to endure first several dozens of minutes after respawn. You have nothing to defend against zombies. Look below to find what you have to do to survive those hard moments.

Step by step

1. After respawning, look around. If you see anyone, you can talk with him. More about communication in Chapter 6.

2. Start running to the city you see. If you don't see anything, run forward until you find civilization.

3. Search through buildings. The most important items are: food, hatchet, backpack, something to open cans with food and bandages or clothes, which you can tear and stop bleeding. They can be everywhere - under the table, on the cupboard on the fridge. But be careful not to eat rotten fruits. Eating them will make you sick and, eventually, you'll die.

4. If you're in the city, you'll surely see a group of zombies behind you. Don't fight until you find a hatchet. Run away and use hints from Chapter 2. It's very probable, that you'll avoid being bitten by zombie and bleeding out. But if it happens, you have to hide, take out your shirt and use the tear into rags option. Then, use rags to stop bleeding.

5. Buildings which you should search at first: sheds, schools, medical points, hospitals, supermarkets and tenement houses. You have the biggest chance to find a hatchet and other weapon there. You'll learn how to recognize those buildings from Chapter 4. Food may be found in almost every building. Try to find also a well or a lake. If all buildings are open and there is nothing to collect, it means that somebody was there before you. The best thing you can do now is to log out in the safe building and change server before you starve to death.

6. Log in once again and search buildings. If they are also empty, change server once again.

7. If you find a hatchet, some food, drinks and several bandages, you can relax a bit. Now you shouldn't worry about zombies any more. The time has come for concrete rearmament.

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