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Days Gone Guide by

Days Gone Guide

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Driving without fuel loss in Days Gone Days Gone guide, walkthrough

Hero's bike in Days Gone has a limited amount of fuel. When you are lacking of it, you need to leave it and search for gas tanks or simply order a bike transportation service at the mechanic in the camp. However, the game allows you to save fuel - however, it doesn't work with the laws of mechanics or any logic...

The fuel in the motorcycle evaporates at almost the same speed, no matter how hard you press the gas button, or even the fact that you let it go. If you drive the bike (regardless of speed) the fuel simply disappears. Therefore, the classic "eco-driving" is useless: drive aggressively and fast, and by overcoming a greater distance in less time you will save more fuel.

Despite driving, you dont make any sound - it only happens while driving alone. - Driving without fuel loss in Days Gone - Motorcycle - Days Gone Guide
Despite driving, you don't make any sound - it only happens while driving alone.

However, there is a possibility of driving without the loss of fuel. Riding in so-called "freewheel" mode is possible when you're coming down from mountains and hills, but: you have to stop the bike completely and it push away (tilting the left handle forward, then keep it tilted all the time, otherwise you'll stop). Only then the fuel is not consumed. If you push off by pressing the gas and decide to drive down in freewheel mode you will lose as much fuel as by constantly using gas button.

You can push forward even on a straight road. - Driving without fuel loss in Days Gone - Motorcycle - Days Gone Guide
You can push forward even on a straight road.

The fact that you do it right and not losing any fuel can be noticed by two ways:

  1. When you release the handle forward or give your bike more gas the motorcycle slows down or even stops.
  2. During a completely free downhill drive, the motorcycle makes no sound (what can be noticed on the radar's icon; when you add gas, the engine makes a quiet sound and the icon shows up the emitted sound level).

Tip 1: you can also push the bike on a flat terrain - it is, of course, very slow. However, if you're lack of fuel in front of the gas station or you have the opportunity to push the bike a few meters further down the hill, it's worth to push off a few more times.

Tip 2: by driving down with freewheel mode from a great height, you may get a higher speed than with holding the gas button (and not lose any fuel). It's irrational, but that's how the driving mechanics work in Days Gone.

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