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Days Gone Guide by

Days Gone Guide

Table of Contents

Days Gone: Unlocking missions Days Gone guide, walkthrough

On this page of our guide to Days Gone, we've provided basic information on how to unlock main and side missions, as well as how to score tasks and earn rewards for completing them.

How do I unlock new missions?

Most of the missions in Days Gone automatically appear in Deacons journal - Days Gone: Unlocking missions - Game basics - Days Gone Guide

Most of the missions in Days Gone automatically appear in Deacon's journal. This can happen immediately after the completion of the previous task and so happens with many missions of the main storyline.

Also, new mission can be unlocked after someone contacts Deacon on the radio. You have no impact on receiving such radio messages. You just need to advance enough in the game. A mission received after radio communication may be a primary or secondary mission. An additional task can be recognized when Deacon needs to return to the camp, where the commissioner of the quest currently resides. You need to go there and talk to him. Only after meeting with the leader of this camp, and hearing the briefing you get the right mission and you can complete it.

An alternative way to start a mission is to explore the game world - Days Gone: Unlocking missions - Game basics - Days Gone Guide

An alternative way to start a mission is to explore the game world. New tasks may appear in the Deacon's journal once you get close, for example, to a new camp or a Infestation zone. "Completing" this type of areas is considered as completion of optional missions. Deacon can also add new quests to his journal with the study of maps in the bunkers under the camps. This is done by identifying new areas of the map (removing the "fog of war").

Important information about completing missions

1 - Days Gone: Unlocking missions - Game basics - Days Gone Guide
  1. Most of the missions you can start at any time of the game. There is no need to rush with completing them and the right mission will begin only after you get to the marker on the map. The exceptions are the main missions that follow one after another. In such situations, you have to solve all the problems in current story mission series, before you can return to the free journey through the game world and do additional activities.
  2. You do not need to rush with completion of new tasks. The game does not contain time counters that affect how long the quest can be active. You can safely prepare or do other things, even if you have a mission to rescue a civilian kidnapped by bandits.
  3. The mission may end in a total failure. The most obvious cause of the mission's failure is Deacon's death, but there are other factors too. A job can be ruined if you ignore the mission objective, concerning the content from the other NPCs (for example, during the cooperative trip) and if the accompanying ally will die. The game gives plenty of time to save important NPCs attacked by enemies. If the mission fails, you will return to the last checkpoint (the game permanently creates them when completing quests).
  4. Missions in Days Gone cannot be retaken. This also applies to the main story missions. In game missions, fortunately, you don't have to make important decisions and all tasks are relatively linear, so you don't have to be afraid to miss out on some important attraction or alternative way to play the quest.
  5. Missions can be associated with different Storylines. At the time of adding a quest in the game log - you may see that game displays only one storyline. After completing the mission, but you can notice the level increase in the percentage completion of one or even several other storylines.

Mission rewards

You can find out about the rewards immediately after completing the mission - Days Gone: Unlocking missions - Game basics - Days Gone Guide

You can find out about the rewards immediately after completing the mission. The main prizes are:

  1. Experience points. The number of XP points received depends, of course, on the level of complexity and the importance degree of the current mission. To complete the long and difficult quest of the main plot you can get up to 10000XP.
  2. Credits. Very important information in this case is that in Days Gone you collect money separately for each of the main camps. Credits for completing this mission you will receive for shopping only in the camp "associated" with a certain mission. Usually we are talking about who ordered the mission in which camp (for example. if the leader / resident of the camp) and in what region was the job performed.
  3. Trust points. As in the case of credits, the trust points are gathered separately for each camp. After collecting enough trust points, Deacon can rise to a higher level of trust in a selected camp. This opens up new opportunities for buying from the traders in this camp. Learn more about gaining trust in individual camps from the Encampments section of our guide.
Some game missions also offer additional rewards - Days Gone: Unlocking missions - Game basics - Days Gone Guide

Some game missions also offer additional rewards:

  1. Crafting plans to create new items. You can unlock most of the plans by completing missions in which you have to retake Ambush Camp. New crafting plans may concern the production of, for example, medicinal cocktails, different varieties of crossbow bolts, traps or improved varieties of melee weapons (for example, baseball bat with spikes). A complete list of crafting plans can be found on the List of crafting plans section of our guide.
  2. New unique motorcycle paints. Paints and skins are rewarded every time you have completed a storyline in 100%, i.e. after you pass all related missions. Deacon's motorcycle can be repainted after visiting one of the mechanics (those with a "full" range of store).
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