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Days Gone Guide by

Days Gone Guide

Table of Contents

Days Gone: Hordes Days Gone guide, walkthrough

Days Gone offers numerous challenges for the player, including fighting against numerous opponents - Hordes. This chapter will help you learn the basic information about them.

Hordes are one of the threats in Days Gone - Days Gone: Hordes - Game basics - Days Gone Guide

Hordes are one of the threats in Days Gone. They are large groups of enemies (Freakers) - from several dozens to more than a hundred opponents. They are meant to be dealt with later in the game because they are a huge threat to the player. You will find them in various parts of the map. One of the requirements to get 100% completion is to eliminate them - each region has a specific number of Hordes.

Collect Bounties from defeated Hordes - they cost quite a lot. - Days Gone: Hordes - Game basics - Days Gone Guide
Collect Bounties from defeated Hordes - they cost quite a lot.

Also, Hordes are a good source of profit (by selling the Bounties) and they give you a lot of experience points. On top of that, if you eliminate a Horde, you will unlock new and powerful weapons.

Hordes behave in certain ways - Days Gone: Hordes - Game basics - Days Gone Guide

Hordes behave in certain ways. Mainly:

  1. The majority of the Hordes hide in nearby caves during the day. At night, they feed on the terrains near their cave. This is not a rule for all the Hordes - some of them are active even during the day. Some of them can even travel long distances and "patrol the area".
  2. A Horde can detect Deacon when he gets too close to them (when you are sneaking, this distance is equal to the distance at which you can throw a grenade). Once they detect you, they will start chasing Deacon.
  3. To defeat a Horde, you should rely on traps and explosives. Environment objects are also very important - use fuel canisters, fuel tankers, and other explosive objects.
  4. Explosive charges and grenades can be looted from corpses of Rippers during the early stages of the game.
  5. If you are attacking a specific Horde for the first time, prepare your bike to escape in case of failure. It is possible to escape a Horde on foot but this depends on your stamina level.
  6. You can use this trick - when a Horde starts retreating, sneak up on Freakers and eliminate a few of them with stealth kills. A Horde can replenish its ranks but this won't happen right after you move away from their nest.
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