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Days Gone Guide

Table of Contents

Days Gone: System requirements & technical issues, fixes Days Gone guide, walkthrough

On this page of the game guide to Days Gone, you will find information on the game's requirements when it comes to free HDD space on the PS4. We will also inform you about supported resolutions, and we will share our impressions of playing through the final version of Days Gone.

PS4 hardware requirements - Days Gone

Days Gone requires you to have 56.4GB of free space on the HDD of your console. It is possible to start the game before downloading 100% of the data, although many of its functions may not be available.

The Days Gone game supports all versions of the PS4 - together with the basic version (OG PS4), Slim, and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Saving game in Days Gone

Days Gone allows you to save the game manually and, additionally, the game also has numerous slots for your saves. It should be taken into account that saves can take up as much as several hundred MB of HDD space.

Is it necessary to have a PS+ subscription?

No, Days Gone does not have any multiplayer modes, and as such it does not require you to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

What resolutions does Days Gone support?

Days Gone on a "regular" PS4 can run in a 1080p resolution with 30 frames per second.

In the case that you own a PlayStation 4 Pro, Days Gone can be run in a 4K resolution and it will run at 30 frames per second. However, it should be noted that this is not native 4K. Days Gone instead uses a checkerboard rendering technology that renders the image in a lower resolution and then improves it to 4K.

Our impressions of the game

Our game guide to Days Gone has been prepared on a standard version of the PS4 console. The Days Gone game, unfortunately, suffers from numerous technical issues:

  1. The regular PS4 has issues with maintaining fluent, smooth animations. This applies in particular to situations in which we travel on a motorcycle at a high speed, or battle against hordes of Freakers, the console is then forced to display several dozen or even several hundred opponents on the screen at the same time.
  2. The game has frozen several times. We have experienced this during our stay in an encampment, in particular when browsing a shop which offers parts for the motorcycle.
  3. We have encountered a lot of minor bugs in the game. They concerned, among other issues, problems with the correct animation of characters, with loading high-quality textures of object and models, with obstructing the view by the corpses of opponents, and trouble with correctly entering into interaction with some objects in the environment. However, we did not experience any serious bugs that could e.g. make it difficult or impossible to complete a given mission.
  4. Unfortunately, we also experienced a few serious bugs related to the story missions. During the passage of one of the main missions a bug prevented us from continuing it and we had to start it from the beginning - all over again. Also there was a serious problem associated with NERO Checkpoint, as a result of which we were unable to enter it and collect loot. We hope that along with the updates to this guide all of this type of game bugs will be removed.

List of known bugs and technical issues

Below we have provided some information about well-known bugs in Days Gone and ways to solve the problems related to them. These errors do not have one hundred percent probability of occurrence, and in the course of the game you may not experience them at all.

1 - Days Gone: System requirements & technical issues, fixes - Appendix - Days Gone Guide
  1. A significant slowdown in animation when traveling on a motorcycle - this problem can be intensified during a very long trip, and if you had some kind of close encounter with a Large Horde while riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, there is no proven solution to this problem. Try to decrease the speed a little or stop somewhere for a second and take the opportunity to look for new supplies.
  2. The textures of the environment are very blurred - you can ignore this and keep playing or turn the game off and restart it (don't forget to perform a quick save before to not lose any progress).
  3. Models of objects (for example, of vehicles) and characters may not load properly - you can ignore it and keep playing (fuzzy objects will still be interactive) or restart the game (don't forget to perform a quick save before to not lose any progress).
  4. It is impossible to explore the historic marker in front of the Pioneers Cemetery - we are talking about the historical marker located in the place where in the beginning of the game Deacon meets the badly injured Alvarez. The only option is to wait for official fix of the bug from developers.
2 - Days Gone: System requirements & technical issues, fixes - Appendix - Days Gone Guide
  1. You can't enter NERO's Checkpoint at old sawmill - this problem can arise if a Horde of Freakers killed Deacon while trying to open the post. The only solution, unfortunately, is to wait for the official fix from developers. You can wait for the patch that should fix it or just continue the story campaign. The How Many Bodies? side mission assigned by Rikki includes investigating this NERO Checkpoint - at this point you should be able to get inside and retrieve the injector.
  2. Motorcycle may get stuck in environment - Deacon's vehicle may get stuck in a rock. Go back to the mechanic at any camp and pay him 50 credits to return & respawn the vehicle.
  3. The item is blocked in the environment - if some item gets blocked that is not able to explode, then try to shoot at it, or perform an attack with a melee weapon. There is a chance that you may release it.
  4. You can't complete missions - this is the most serious problem that we have experienced during the They Don't Like Visitors mission. The task may get bugged if Rikki gets killed by Freakers after the burning of one of their nests. Universal solution to the problem with this mission is to load a save from the beginning of it. From the pause menu, select Load and select one of the newest auto-saves.
  5. You can't hear the motorcycle engine when riding - stop the motorcycle, get off only for a while and get back on it. After resuming your ride the engine sounds should be audible.
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