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Days Gone Guide

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Days Gone: Crafting Guide Days Gone guide, walkthrough

On this page you will find all the most important information about crafting in Days Gone. Our guide explains how to use the crafting option, as well as what applications it has and what are the requirements for collecting materials to create new items.

What are the basic crafting mechanics in Days Gone?

1 - Days Gone: Crafting Guide - Game basics - Days Gone Guide
  1. New items can be produced at any time of the game, even during combat. This is very useful if you have used all the items to attack opponents (like Molotov cocktails) and you need more of them fast.
  2. Crafting is available when you switch on the wheel of survival. You can select a category from it, and then select the item you are interested in.
  3. Deacon can produce goods only on the basis of already known crafting plans. Most interesting weapons or items of equipment available to craft must first be unlocked by obtaining the appropriate plans.
  4. Crafting is possible only if you have the necessary materials. Missing components for crafting are marked red in the wheel of survival.
  5. Deacon can produce a limited number of items of the same type. For example, by default hero can only carry 3 Molotov cocktails. This problem can be partially solved by acquiring the Carry That Weight ability. We described this in more detail in the How to increase the inventory capacity? in the FAQ section of our guide.
  6. In Days Gone it is impossible to produce ammunition for firearms. You have to find ammo in the game world (ammo boxes) or buy it from the merchants. However, the game allows you to make crossbows bolts. But keep in mind that initially Deacon can only craft ordinary crossbow bolts. Other types of bolts (e.g., explosive bolts) must be unlocked during the game.
  7. The game does not allow you to create first aid kits, but you may find them quite regularly in the game world and from the loot of dead enemies. Fortunately, you can create bandages and healing cocktails that also restore lost health points.

How to get new crafting plans?

Crafting plans for the production of new types of items can be obtained by two main ways - Days Gone: Crafting Guide - Game basics - Days Gone Guide

Crafting plans for the production of new types of items can be obtained by two main ways:

  1. Receive crafting plans as a reward for completing the story mission. Only some missions offer a reward in the form of crafting plans. The consolation is that almost always these plans allow you to produce very useful items.
  2. Finding plans in the bunker under Ambush Camp. You can find Ambush Camps by traveling around the game world. Deacon must first deal with the enemies on the surface and then find a hatch that allows you to go down the stairs to the underground bunker.

Where to find materials for crafting?

Most of crafting materials can be found while exploring the game world - Days Gone: Crafting Guide - Game basics - Days Gone Guide

Most of crafting materials can be found while exploring the game world. Turn on survival vision mode quite often to find interactive objects in the environment. Also check all buildings, farms, etc. Crafting Materials cannot be bought from traders, but instead they put up for sale a lot of "already crafted" items.

Below we have collected several effective methods for obtaining important crafting materials:

  1. Melee weapons (used to craft improved melee weapons) - You can take if from many living enemies. Look around in search of weapons during the exploration of the enemy camps and inspect the trunks of pick-ups.
  2. Scrap - use a knife to open vehicle' hoods. In many cases, scrap is found in the engine compartment.
  3. Berry, Mushroom, Cedar Sapling, Mayweed - Collect all interactive plants and bushes. The Hawkeyed ability marks plants on the mini-map.
  4. Nest Residue - Visit the places where the nest was previously located. This crafting materials looks like dust.
  5. Alarm Clock or Car Alarm - you have a full opportunity, because both types of item will be useful within the crafting plans. Alarm clocks can be found primarily inside buildings. Car alarm you can get by opening the hood of a parked car with a flashing red led.
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