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Dave the Diver Guide

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Dave the Diver: How to beat the Great White Shark Klaus? Dave the Diver guide, tips

Klaus is a powerful boss from Dave the Diver. On this page of the guide we suggest how to win the duel with the Great White Shark from the Revenge Time quest. We have compiled all the attacks of Klaus and prepared tactics for fighting the boss.

Last update: 07 July 2023

In Dave the Diver, Great White Shark Klaus boss battle is one of the most challenging in the entire game. On this page of our guide, we show how to initiate the encounter with this strong boss (Revenge Time quest), what are the main attacks of the boss and how to react to them, and how to successfully damage the shark and survive the battle.

Where to find Great White Shark Klaus?

  1. The Great White Shark Klaus is one of the toughest bosses encountered in Dave the Diver.
  2. The battle takes place in the course of Revenge Time story quest. In the task, your objective is to enter another vortex, and this is only possible during a stormy night (choose to dive in the evening). The position of the vortex is not fixed, but the best chance of encountering it is by checking the upper right corner of the first zone explored after starting the dive. Get close to the vortex to initiate the battle.
  3. Preparations for the encounter should include arming Dave with a good weapon and appropriate Charms (e.g. additional dodge), and bringing an extra air tank with you.

Overview of the battle

  1. The most often used attack of the boss is an attempt to bite the protagonist. Due to the boss being quite large, this attack may succeed even if you are at a seemingly safe distance. Remember to stay really far away from the boss.
  2. Klaus, like ordinary sharks, performs his charges in a straight line. An incoming charge is telegraphed and when you see that it is coming, quickly swim to a side to get of its route. You can help yourself with SHIFT, but remember about your dwindling oxygen supply.
  3. Ranged weapons are the best choice for this battle. Take a shot right after the shark made a charge and when it attempts to turn towards Dave. You can fire at any part of its body.
  4. Further into the battle, Klaus may start to generate whirlpools with his tail. They move horizontally. Avoid them by swimming towards the upper or lower part of the screen.
  5. At the bottom of the combat area, you can find an air tank and ammunition, as well as weapons and possible upgrades. If needed, restock or pick up a stronger weapon if yours are insufficient.
  6. After you hurt Klaus enough, a cut-scene will be initiated. An ally will appear, which concludes the battle against the great shark.
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