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Dave the Diver Guide by

Dave the Diver Guide

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Dave the Diver: How to increase carrying capacity? Dave the Diver guide, tips

In Dave the Diver there is a lift limit, which blocks you from adding too many fish and other loot to your inventory. In our tutorial you will find information on how to free up space in your inventory and how to permanently raise the allowed lift limit.

Last update: 05 July 2023

During deep sea exploration of Giant Blue Hole in Dave the Diver you'll often have to make a choice - either collect another item or maintain crucial mobility by not exceeding the carrying capacity instead. On this page of our guide, we offer tips on how to increase the carrying capacity permanently, how to temporarily be able to carry more loot, what are the penalties for exceeding the carrying limit, and how to remove unwanted items from the inventory.

Default carrying capacity and penalties for exceeding it

1 - Dave the Diver: How to increase carrying capacity? - Fishing - Dave the Diver Guide
  1. One of the difficulties associated with fishing and treasure hunting in the depths is the limited size of your inventory.
  2. Look to the lower left corner of the screen to receive information regarding the current limit and learn how much the currently carried items weigh. The default carry limit is a meager 9 kilograms, and you should quickly find a way to increase it, as sometimes a single larger fish can weigh up to a few kilograms.
Exceeding the carrying capacity has two downsides - Dave the Diver: How to increase carrying capacity? - Fishing - Dave the Diver Guide

Exceeding the carrying capacity has two downsides:

  1. Lower mobility underwater - this may make further exploration and completing all required actions within the oxygen limit much harder.
  2. Inability to add more items to the inventory - when the inventory is full, you may take smaller objects with you, but larger items (e.g. a fish weighing a few kilograms), cannot be collected.

How to remove items from the inventory?

2 - Dave the Diver: How to increase carrying capacity? - Fishing - Dave the Diver Guide
  1. Reaching the carrying capacity in the middle of a dive is not the end of the world, as there are ways to manage it at any given moment. By pressing ESC, you can view your inventory which contains all collected fish and treasure.
  2. From the inventory window, you can remove items - for larger relief, throw out a larger item ( e.g. a fish weighing 4kg in our example), but make sure that the item you're throwing out won't have any major use when on the surface. You can have some inkling as to the value of the given object by viewing the number of stars and rank of the item. Once you've chosen an item that you want to remove, simply press SPACE to activate Discard - this command will remove the item irreversibly.

How to permanently and temporarily increase weight limit?

3 - Dave the Diver: How to increase carrying capacity? - Fishing - Dave the Diver Guide
  1. One of the quests in Chapter 1 - Tracking the Sea People - unlocks the iDiver app on your smartphone, which is used to upgrade the hero's diving equipment.
  2. If you are looking to improve your carrying capacity, choose Cargo Box from the upgrade list. Upgrading the Cargo Box to higher levels increases the carry limit permanently. Unfortunately, each upgrade costs gold. For better functionality underwater, try to upgrade it all the way to level 3, as 19kg of carrying capacity allows gathering a lot of loot within a single dive.
4 - Dave the Diver: How to increase carrying capacity? - Fishing - Dave the Diver Guide
  1. After unlocking Cobra's Premium Shop, which takes place in the course of the story, in the shop's stock you may find Underwater Cargo Box (the offered vares are random, you just need to be lucky to come across it). This is a special underwater chest that can store up to 10 kilograms of loot.
  2. The major drawback of Underwater Cargo Box is that same as all other items from Cobra's Shop, it disappears after the transition to a new day. Once you decide to treat yourself to an Underwater Cargo Box, make the most out of it (go diving every time it is possible during one day) and use it to store more fish and treasure mid-dive.
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