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Dave the Diver Guide by

Dave the Diver Guide

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Dave the Diver: How to save the game? Dave the Diver guide, tips

Too little oxygen or a fight with a big shrimp - if this is what awaits you, it's a good idea to save the game beforehand. From this tutorial page you will learn how the save system works in Dave the Diver.

Last update: 05 July 2023

In essence, Dave the Diver is a rougelite type of game, which means each death may set you back a great deal. Being attacked by aggressive fauna or running out of oxygen may result in death, and consequently, failure and losing the haul and progress from the currently carried-out diving session. Fortunately, the game from Mintrocket studio features a player-friendly save system that mitigates some of the difficulty curve. On this page we explain all intricaties associated with it.

How and when to save the game?

One of the first key items - smartphone - is recevied and set up shortly after beginning the game. This device serves as a type of hub, offering access to a multitude of features and mechanics represented by individual icons.

1 - Dave the Diver: How to save the game? - Quests and Campaign - Dave the Diver Guide
To save the game you must - Dave the Diver: How to save the game? - Quests and Campaign - Dave the Diver Guide

To save the game you must:

  1. click on Settings - grey icon with a cogwheel at the bottom of the screen,
  2. choose Save.
  3. You can create a new save slot or overwrite an already existing one.

Remember that there are 3 autosave slots and 7 manual ones.

To save the game, you first need to bring up the smartphone. This means that saving is unavailable during diving excursions.

Also remember that saving is also unavailable during restaurant sections, where you serve food to guests and during cut-scenes and dialogues.

A good idea to minimize potential damage is saving on the boat, right before embarking on a dive. This way you'll be able to quickly return to the state right before a dive if things don't go your way.


It's also worth noting that Dave the Diver automatically creates 3 separate autosaves. This means that even in a situation where there has been an extended period of time without a manual save, you are somewhat covered from losing your progress.

Nevertheless, we recommend saving your progress regularly.

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