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Darksiders 3 Guide

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How long does it take to complete Darksiders 3 in Darksiders 3? Darksiders 3 Guide and Walkthrough

This page will tell you how long does it take to complete Darksiders 3. The section offers a few different values that depend on whether we want to simply finish the game, or reach 100% completion (unlocking all trophies and getting a platinum trophy)

1 - How long does it take to complete Darksiders 3 in Darksiders 3? - FAQ - Darksiders 3 Guide
  1. A standard playthrough should take about 15 hours. The complete the game in such time-frame means choosing one of the lower difficulty levels and focusing on the storyline, which means reaching and defeating bosses.
  2. A playthrough on a higher difficulty level can take up more than 20 hours. It has to do with how the mechanics of death work. If Fury dies during a boss battle, you'll be forced to replay a large chunk of the game to finally reach the same location and repeat the boss encounter. The more often you die, the easier it is to lose precious minutes. In addition, playing at higher difficulty levels encourages soul farming, which takes extra time.
  3. Completing the game and exploring all locations in 100% can take you a total of 30-35 hours. The game Darksiders 3 does not contain side quests, but there is a lot of optional exploration to be done. There are many treasures and other secrets hidden in each location, such as optional mini-bosses or humans to save. Reaching some of these things may require completing puzzles or a skillful use of available powers.
  4. Completing the game in 100% and getting the platinum trophy may require a total of 35-40 hours. After you fully explore all the game locations, most of the trophies should already be unlocked. You can leave trophies involving killing opponents in certain ways, developing your character, improving equipment and gathering 1,000,000 of souls for later.
  5. Two DLCs (Crucible and Keepers of the Void) should take you a total of 5 hours. Once again, a lot depends on the chosen level of difficulty and how well you have mastered the mechanics of combat.
  6. New Game Plus DLC requires starting a new playthrough. Moreover, one of the trophies involves completing the story on a very hard difficulty setting, which will surely take about 20-25 hours of playing.
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