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Darksiders 3 Guide

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Envy final boss fight | Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Darksiders 3 Guide and Walkthrough

This page of our Darksiders 3 guide contains a walkthrough for the final battle in the game - fight against Envy. Our step-by-step guide explains the general rules of the encounter, lists the main attacks of the final boss and tells you how to defeat Envy.

General information about the fight against the final boss - Envy

The final fight in Darksiders 3 is fought with Envy. The duel will be quite different from all previous ones because Envy has access to the souls of all Seven Deadly Sins. Thanks to the amulet she will call projections of the remaining sins that will accompany her in the fight.

Sword blows

When Envy sets the sword in a horizontal position, it is a sign that in a moment she will perform a quick dash with a blow. Sometimes after a successful blow there is a half-rotation slash, which is much slower than the previous attack.

Explosion of Blades

When Envy lifts the sword up and directs it vertically to the ground, it's a sign that in a moment she'll make an attack, which creates a series of blades growing out of the ground around the opponent. To avoid this attack, you must keep a safe distance.

Bone Horseman's Pick attacks

The knockdown blows are quite delayed and sometimes it's hard to sense the right timing to avoid them. Horseman's pick blows are sometimes combined with rotary slashes with a sword.

Gun shoots

When Envy is spinning backwards in fast motion, it's a sign that in a moment she'll shoot two missiles in your direction.

Projections of Sins

From time to time, Envy will call on other sins to help. Sins appear in the form of green projections, perform one attack and disappear. The most dangerous of these is Wrath, which will hit the ground three times with its fist in order to cause a shockwave which you have to jump over.

Combos and attack combinations

Watch out for Envy combinations because she can combine her own attacks when projection of sins are active. You have to be particularly careful when Wrath appears at the Arena. If you are hit by one of the shock waves, Envy will use this moment to shoot you in the back or to lead a quick push in combination with two horseman's pick attacks.

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